Thursday, October 28, 2004

Kim B.

Ever think about people you knew many years before, who at one time were a frequent character in your life, then just vanished without a word?  Sure.  Our lives are filled with them.  Sometimes, they come back, but all too often they do not, and their memory evaporates from our mind. 

I first met Kim around 1979 when I worked at a local women's clothing store.  She was a customer and a model for the store.  I had seen her many times at the local disco and, I admit, I was a tad bit jealous of her.  She was a dark haired beauty.  But there was an inner beauty I didn't see.  My last contact with Kim was in early 1981, and shortly after that our lives took different paths.

In 1993 I decided to pursuit a college degree and enrolled at the local college.  While trading English Comp experiences with another student, Kim's name came up; turns out, Kim was now an English prof at the college.  I was surprised to hear that name again, and wondered if it was the same Kim I had known years before.  It wouldn't take long for the answer to come.

A few years later, I learned that Kim had written an autobiography titled "In The Wilderness: coming of age in unknown country."  Naturally I had to read it.  On the back sleeve was a photo and sure enough it was indeed the very same Kim that I once knew.  Her book took me on a personal journey, not only into her life, but into her very soul.  I could feel her emotions being poured out onto the pages.  The former model, who I once had thought of as just a pretty girl, possessed a true talent for painting lifescapes with words.

Kim as since written two other books, "Hungry For The World" (part 2 of her autobiography) and a novel titled "Finding Caruso" a fictional account set in her hometown, based on real people.  Not only did I personally enjoy reading her stories, but I found inspiration on many levels.  Through her work, Kim shined a light on the possibilities and the magic of believing in yourself, and your dreams.  Thank you Kim for taking that daring step forward into the literary world and showing me a better way to put things into perspective.  Kudos to you, Lady! 

"Sing your song...and sing it LOUD!"  Your words, by your hand, signed in your book, to me.  Well, get ready to hear me, because I have found my voice.  This is my song.


sirenspeaks said...

I read your comment in Robin's journal;  "Thesearethedaysofourlives."  I too am a soulmate, and in fact, I am the friend that is writing about with her entry.  My love, wrote the comment you refer to in your comment.  I just wanted to let you know, your words about soulmates and how we feel, meant a lot to me.  Thank you, sometimes, I think only another soulmate can ever really understand the power and pull of soulmates to each other.

This is my journal, a poetry journal...and in it, I write of the passions and agony of soulmates.  There are other poems too, though :-)

delela1 said...

Thank you!  With understanding, comes comfort.