Monday, November 8, 2004

At Night


At night I find myself awake
About you, about me, about us
And all the great times we shared.
I just sit there till morning breaks
Losing my sleep and gaining nothing
But those sweet beautiful recollections.
Yet there was a time when we both cried
Over a love we had once shared
With someone very special;
Only to find they had left us
Crying in the cold and dark;
When we really needed the light of a hand,
The warmth of an embrace.

And when the morning breaks;
I find myself praying
There will be more times we can share.
The way I feel we both need each other;
But if you feel that I'm not right,
Just reach out your hand
And you will find
That I will be the one who takes it.
For we live in a time
When the ones who once cared,
Just walk out our door.

DLL 1975


anthonyjbs said...

I like this poem, and I hope you continue updating your journal. I saw your comment on someone else's journal page,so naturally it just peaked my interest for yours.Check mine out on

robinngabster said...

Dona this speaks to my heart. I love it and can relate to it. I hope many others will read it. You are very talented! xox ~Robin