Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Do You See My Inner Child?

She hesitates.  Wondering...knowing...wondering.  Is this real?

Deep inside a part of her knows the answer is yes!  While another part tells her, "Get real!"

Her love, so far away, and yet always there, sings in her heart.  Gently holding her, guiding her, caressing her, always there.  His emotions take her, wake her, shake her, back to life.  She's been dead inside...like autumn leaves.

They come and go, the tears and smiles.  The agony and ecstacy.  The memories and dreams.  And yet she holds on, knowing.  It is real, very real.  She must believe.  Just believe.  Always believe.  In love.


robinngabster said...

Oh, I love this! Simply beautiful girl!

delela1 said...

Thank you.  There will be more to come.