Thursday, November 18, 2004

I Have This Friend Who...

She calls herself a cloudy day kind of girl.

But to me, she is a ray of sunshine.  She makes me laugh.  And she attracts some of the funniest people to her.  I know when I visit her journal, something special will happen.  Whether it's in her entry, or one of the comments left by her many friends, I'll find myself in side-spliting laughter (but we'll get back to that in a minute).  Every morning when I get up, her journal is the first one I go to.  I have to see just what she is up too.  And today, oh Lordy, my oh my.  Quite the imagination, that one has.

I found her journal because a couple of weeks ago she was selected as an Editor's Top 5 Pick.  You go girl!  And as the days have gone by, I can see why.  She's got a heart of gold, and she's always giving, while asking very little in return.  Not too long ago, she was "pimpin" another journal.  And that seems to have paid off, because I noticed that journal is now on the Editor's Pick list as well.

So, Robin, in tribute to you and your never ending wit, I've selected some of my favorite entries from your journal.

I Swallow   (Listening to Jimmy Neuron = coming up with this?) :::scratching my head:::

Something Light Hearted  (this was one of her quiet moments)

One Bad Apple  (Jose....come out, come out where ever you are)

Oh, The Drama  (cat fights and storage bags....interesting)

Hello Robin?  (what's the fascination with getting some bush in the oval office...thanks Remo)

Why Do Kids Love Poop?  (You Never Let Me Do Anything Mom!...Priceless)

And last, but certainly not least, today's entry  I've Been Naughty Santa

Okay, that being said, I think you should know that before I started this entry, I had developed what can only be described as a laughing hernia.  My stomach hurts, my face hurts, and now that I'm done with this entry, I'm going to collapse into a state of complete and total exhaustion.  I'm done.


Besides, you knew this was coming, cuz I warned you my pretty.


Your Friend,



P. S.  She has this thing about cucumbers.


robinngabster said...

Oh Dona, you are amazing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so lucky you found me Sista!  I am keepin' you forever! xoxoxo  ROBO

melissajbird said...

wow nice way to make her feel good. and make the rest of us know how sweet she is too. and yourself for doing it.  

robinngabster said...

funny I didnt see that mention of cucumbers before missy!

delela1 said...

Yeah, I know.  I am a keeper.  ;)