Friday, December 10, 2004

Brain Farts...or Where's My Short Term Memory?!?!?

Sometimes lately, I swear my brain is on vacation.  And I hope it's having a great time, cuz I sure miss it!

Like this morning.  I'm downstairs, in the middle of drying my hair and I remembered that I need to take copies of our 2003 W-2's to the bank today.  I'm bent over at the waist, getting the roots dry, singing and dancing to the radio, when I straighten up..OMG!'s Bozo the clown!   Shit!  Gotta fix that!  Get the hair tamed down to a presentable volume.  Note to self: time limit for drying the roots is three minutes...not five!

Turn off radio.  Walk out of the bathroom...stop, go back into bathroom for a light spritz of perfume (Provocative Woman by Elizabeth Arden).  Exit bathroom.  Let the dogs outside for the day.  Gotta wash those french doors...again!  Put on shoes.  Hmmm, need to buy some more lotion for feet.  I'll stop at Bath & Body Works on the way home.  Grab remote for the gas fireplace and turn temperature down to 68 degrees.  Grab television remote and shut off television.  Shut off lights.  Head up the stairs.  Oh, the stairs need vacuuming.  Probably should wipe the baseboards too.  Add vacuum bags to mental grocery list.  Get a whiff of the Yankee Candle Clean Cotton room freshener and remembered that we're out of Bounce.  Add that to the grocery list.  Gosh, that fiddle leaf fig is looking a lot like the plant on 'Little Shop of Horrors'...what was that actor's name again?  Get to the top of the stairs, head to my office to write down the items for the grocery list.  Can't find pen, cuz they are all downstairs with the Christmas cards I was working on last night.  Go back downstairs and locate pens.  Back upstairs for paper.  What was I supposed to get?  Oh yeah, Bounce, vacuum bags.........something else.......what was it?  Stand there in office.....thinking.....pull socks up...boy, my skin is really getting dry...oh yeah, Bath and Body Works. 

But I know there is something else I need.   What was it?  Tapping foot while looking around on my desk.  Nothing.  What was it?  Oh well.  Grab keys, feed cats, go out and start car.  Come back in the house, go back downstairs to retrieve cup of coffee on table where I left it to put on my shoes.  Back upstairs.  Rick Moranis...that's his name.  Grab purse, head out the door.  Get in car, drive to work, and on the way I go right past the bank.  Oh crap!  2003 W-2's!  I'll have to do that on my lunch hour today.  Hopefully, I'll remember that bit of information come lunch time.

I am amazed that I can remember something from a movie I haven't seen in years, but I can't even remember something I thought of ten minutes ago, like those stupid W-2's the bank wants.  Geesh!  And yes, I forgot.  I got distracted by poinsettias at the flipping grocery store.  So I now have four lovely poinsettia plants, vacuum bags, Bounce, and lotion.  The W-2's?  They are now strategically taped to the front door so I don't forget them on Monday!


~~Laughter cannot be imitated.  It comes from the heart. ~Bozo the Clown ~~

UPDATECopies of the W-2's have left the house.  Last seen being hand delivered to a bank worker on Monday morning.  And to be honest, after reading this entry again, I have concluded that my mind is NOT on vacation; on the contrary, it's in overdrive.  I'm just processing WAY TOO much information ALL the know...thinking too much.  So, I now have a mental Post-It in my brain that says, "Don't sweat the small stuff."  Think it will help?


robinngabster said...

I have been meaning to pick up prescriptions for 5 days! Keep going out for them but end up coming back with something else!!!!!  I feel ya girl. Too funny!

delela1 said...

So I'm not the only one!  I was really getting worried.

brvheart1037 said...

lol, you are a funny lady Dona. Man that was a crazy morning. Oh and a little reminder (In case you happen to forget....again) MONDAY, TAKE YOUR 2003 W-2's TO THE BANK!!!!

delela1 said...

Oh, I don't think I'll forget now!!!  But thanks for the reminder!  :)