Wednesday, December 1, 2004

I'm Meeelllllltttttinnnng!

Sorry, but the snow's gone now.  Awwwwww.   Good thing, because people forget how to drive in it...myself included.  The morning commute was, shall we say, slow.  After sliding backwards in front of my house, I got to then slide out into the intersection at the end of my street.  The kids standing on the corner waiting for the schoolbus were amused.  Then there is 17th Street.  It's this hill I have to go down and it is one of the safer streets to travel on.   I get to the top of 17th, at the rate of about 5 mph, there is a line of cars in front of me, and no one is coming up the hill.  Why?  Because they are all stuck down at the bottom, going no where.  Ooooh, oooh, slip and slide.  All over the place.  But not to worry, here comes the City gravel truck.  I shift Lady Liberty down into L1 (forget the brakes...I'm not using those things again!), and begin my descent.  Toward the bottom it reminded me of that new Ford 500 know the one with the cars sliding all over the place and just narrowly missing the feature car.  Note to self:  next time it snows, leave for work an hour earlier.  At any rate, I made it to work safe and sound, with no mishaps.

By lunch time, most of the snow was gone, so no snowball fights today.  Darn!  But, it's early yet.  I'm sure there is plenty more on the way!

Oh, and BTW, I live across the street from a Christmas Tree Farm (you can see them in the picture).  Guess who is in the process of buying the tree farm?  :) 

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