Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Case of the Vanishing Comment

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Something interesting happened to me yesterday. Someone in Journal Land wants to silence me. Now, it may be a fluke, because we all know AOL's performance lately has been less than stellar. Alerts on the blink, getting kicked off...the list goes on. Yesterday I posted a comment to a journal. It is a political journal, and my comment did not support the author's views. After I clicked on the 'Save' button, I checked and yes, my comment posted.  However, sometime later I checked and my comment had vanished.  Hmmm, vanishing comments?  Strange.  Sam was ready to go on our drive, so we left.  And I pondered the case of my vanishing comment.  It had posted, I saw it. Now it was gone. And I believe I know why.

The entry in question covered the highly charged issue of abortion. The author is clearly against it. Most of the comments supported that view point. One opposed, but that comment was left to show the reader's how the author squashed the opposing postion, and another is from an individual who shamefully regrets her abortion. There are two sides to every story, to every issue. So, I posed a scenario to the author, because, to quote them, "I hope you leave this journal learning something, and I hope it really makes you think about issues that go on in our world today." Okay, I'm open to learning. But, is the author? Here is a portion of my comment: "All babies are miracles. And not all women are blessed with the ability to carry a baby in their womb full-term. With all the passion you carry inside you, let me pose this question to you. What if you were 20 something and your doctor...several doctors, advised you against ever getting pregnant? You have a condition, and there is a 90-95% chance that during the final tri-mester you will lose the baby and without immediate medical attention you will bleed to death. You take the pill but it's only 99% effective. You get pregnant. What would you do? Would you be willing to risk your life and your unborn baby's life for your pro-life belief?" I played by the rules in making my comment. No profanity, no flaming...I was nice, diplomatic, but I presented a new perspective. And I was deleted. Why?

I can take people as they are, as long as you don't hurt me or any one I love. We are all different, and that's what makes the world so great. I respect every one's right to express their opinion. Whether I agree or not, we have a right to say what we feel and believe. If through enlightenment we choose to change our minds, so be it. More power to you and me. For the most part, I consider myself an easy going person, laid-back, low-key, open minded, just doing my thing. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  Everyone has a story.  And there are very few things in this world that get my ire. Ignorant hypocrites are one, and loose cannons on a power trip are another.

Yesterday I learned something after leaving that political journal. I learned that, in our world, some people come across as intelligent, thinking persons. But in reality they are only capable of regurgitating the words and ideas of another. They seek the warmth of the spotlight and thrive when everyone agrees with them. When presented with new thoughts and information, they slam that door shut for fear that someone holding the spotlight might also see a different perspective. In their world, everything is shoved into a narrow and often confining ideal.

To that person, I have this to say.  You can delete my thoughts and words from your journal, but you can't silence me in mine.  Yes, abortion is one of the saddest things in the world. Sadder yet is the number of children who are born into a life of abuse. Each and every day they are beaten, victimized and often tortured. They live in fear, without trust, without love. They are hell.

Where are all the tears for them?  You know, the ones you are crying that now fall into your keyboard?


~~Be who you are and say what you feel, cuz those who matter do not mind, and those who mind do not matter.  -Dr. Suess~~


childebrand1968 said...

I totally agree, Dona~ 'those' people live in a world where choices are black and white.

For most of us, we live in a world with different shades of gray.....

What about the cases where birth control failed?  Most women I know who've had the procedure do not use it as a means of birth control~but as a last resort.  

It's people like 'the comment deleter' who probably vote against 'the morning after' pill, too.  Also does nothing to help out the underpriveleged children in the country, let alone the world.  Hypocrites.....

Carry on, Sister!  <holding banner high>

pixiedustnme said...

Well said, and I agree, if I ever posted anything controversial I would want people to feel free to disagree with me.  That's part of the joys of democracy.  And as long as a comment does not contain vulgar language I think it's a disservice to delete it.  Just keep doing what you are doing, because I love the way your mind works!

karebear4x4 said...

I too have no tolerance for ignorant hypocrates or loose cannons!  i agree whole heartedly with your comments    there are two sides to the story   we are a democracy with the freedom to express our views   i believe it is those who choose to remain ignorant with only the black and white perceptions that really creates the problems with issues like abortion.    i hate ignorance!   just can't stand it.    wish everyone was more open minded   think the world would be a better place     keep expressing your right to free speech it's guaranteed by the constitution!   take care   -karen

robinngabster said...

Since we talked about this last night you know where I you girl.

lv2paynt said...

Very well said and written.   You are 100% correct in your opinion and your statement.  My sister had the unfortunate news given to her by her OBGYN when she was pregnant.  The baby had severe stages of Downs Syndrome and chance of living were slim to none.  She opted to abort which was also a risk for her at the time.  It was an extremely heart wrenching decision.  But thankfully they now have a happy healthy 4 yr old boy.  Disregard your deleted comment by this ignorant "control freak".  We are with you!!   DIane...Butterflygirl

cneinhorn said...

sounds like the comment was deleted...each to their own....personally, I'm against abortion, but wouldn't disregard someone who felt differently...~JerseyGirl