Saturday, April 23, 2005

Dogwood Days...It's Hot Hot Hot

Boy!  Nothing like a milestone to get that hit counter binging away!  At 8 this morning before I wrote that entry, it was at 4944.  At 11:30 Cat said it was at 4960.  And an hour later, who else but my friend Robin would be the one... 1 x 5000!  Woooohoooo! Robin, you rock!

So now that the excitement has settled down, and there are no longer any trees going past my window, time for the Dogwood report, with photos of course.

I must have inherited my Dad's car genes because the first thing I wanted to do was stroll through the streets lined with vintage cars.  And there were some real beauties.  Dad always told me there are two types of restoration buffs: purists and butchers.  Dad was a bit of both, but leaned on the purist side.  Anywho, there was much to see...

I think Kermit wants out!  Doesn't it look like he's saying "Help!"  Wonder where Ms. Piggy is?


It was the back seat Coca Cola Bear that made me stop.  But then I got to looking at the upholstery, especially the door panels.  Very, very nice workmanship.

Cool garden stakes.

The sticks were beautiful, but what most impressed me was the faces this guy carves out of knotty wood.

The sun popped in and out all morning, but by the time I got down there, ol sol was out to stay, and it was warm.  Whew, it was warm.  I was dressed in layers with Levi's and peeled off most of the layers immediately.  The Festival was packed, and I got to chat with many people I haven't seen in a while.  Saw my former supervisor, Linda, from my days working at the county auto license department.  She was diagnosed with colon cancer after I left twelve years ago, and she's doing great.  Retired, loving it, and healthy, as she should be.  That's good news.

So, I've been telling you about the tulip 'Shirley' and now it's time to let the photos do the talking.

Day 1, immediately after opening.  Shirley starts out a creamy yellow.  Look closely and you will see an ever so slight tinge of purple on the very tip of the petal.  In the left background is a Ballade, still closed.

Day 4.  Shirley is now white, and the purple is more prominient.  But the show is just getting started.  And Ballade is now open as well.  The tulip behind Ballade is Rembrandt, which you'll see in a bit.

Day 6.  Not much change yet, but she's just getting started.  Over the next week you will not believe your eyes.  This tulip is a show stopper. 

And this beauty is Rembrandt.  It didn't come up last year, and I'd forgotten about it.  So it was a lovely surprise when I saw it the other day.  Beautiful, no?

Well, that's all for now.  It's been a very busy day and I need to recharge.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by today.

Tomorrow's my birthday.  :)


~~'Tis the set of the sails and not the gales which decides the way to go. ~
Ella Wheeler Wilcox~~


lindainspokane said...

u are so right...your tulips are very pretty...its amazing how the shirley one changes from a pale yellow to white with purple tips....ive never seen one this color...oh how i love tulips!! i wish they were around longer than just the spring...thanks for sharing youra beautiful flowers with us...and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!


thisismary said...

Beautiful Tulips!  Wonderful Photos!  Happy Birthday too!

labdancer51 said...

Happy Birthday Dona!  Your tulips look lovely but sadly a couple of your photos didn`t show up :-(.  I`m so glad you are getting the good weather.  :-)

Sandra xxx

mkolasa101 said...

Yes indeed, Happy Birthday to you and what a lovely thing to do, give all of us such a nice present on your birthday.  Your first choice photo, the color of that truck, matching Kermit's color....SUPER, SUPER JOB.  Yes indeed the Coke car, way to cool.  Love the sticks and the terra cotta sunfaces and such.  Then, the grand finale your most amazing Tulips.  THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH.  BEAUTIFUL POST.


karebear4x4 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Great photos!  beautiful flowers   ...but what caught my eye the most were the faces carved out of knotted wood    i love wood carvings of any sorts   I haven't seen carved faces in 2 decades since being in washington.   now i'm just going to have to stop in your town the next time i'm in that direction so you can lead me to them and i can collect a few.  Have a great birthday!~kbear

pixiedustnme said...

ultra cool flower - i want one!

brandilynneliz said...

Awesome pics!!! I love the one with the green truck and kermit.. ooooho and I loooove the faces carved into wood. Those are great. I always love seeing pics.. makes me feel like I am almost there up close. Ok I am a dork. : )


sarajanesmiles said...

Beautiful beautiful pics :o)
I love the purple ones, they are so pretty.
Sara   x

fasttrack58 said...

I love tulips. Beautiful pictures...
Happy Belated Birthday. Hope it was great.
I'm a little behind on my reading...