Monday, April 18, 2005

Easy #2

After a bit of a delay due to technical difficulties, Kelly's got her question posted for her weekly "Easy" asking.  Her question is:

"What do you LOVE to have on your pizza?  AND do you get to order it that way, or do you have to compromise for whoever you usually share pizza with?"

I don't eat pizza as much as I once did, but on those occasions when I do I love it simple, with just sausage and black olives.  That's all.  And lots of cheese!!!  With the exception of the extra cheese, yes I always get half of it my way (is it a compromise if the whole pizza isn't the same?).  I always order one pizza, 1/2 with my fav, and 1/2 with Sam's (he likes the garbage type pizza...everything including green peppers which my stomach can not handle).  Problem is, Sam likes my combo too, so he'll eat from both sides, which leaves very little for me.  So, I have decided to switch to my other favorite, Hawaiian (canadian bacon & pineapple...yum).  Sam hates Hawaiian.  :D  Oh yeah, that's the ticket!!!!


pixiedustnme said...

olives - ew...... pineapple on pizza......that's just wrong!

delela1 said...

Kelly-LMAO!!!  Wrong???  It's not wrong if I'm the only one who likes it.  Just means more for me!!!!!  And isn't that the whole point?

Oh, and I'll be sure we have lots of pineapple pizzas readily at hand when you visit in June!!!  Oh yeaaaaaaaaaah!


gwatcdr said...

Me and my mom usually get half and half.  I like pizza hut and so does she but she likes Supreme and I like chicken.  Nicki

sarajanesmiles said...

Share pizza?  Do people really do that?!  Lol, my hubby likes hawaiian too, but my favourite is just plain old ham and mushroom, with extra cheese.  Mmmm, what a great question!
Sara   x