Monday, April 11, 2005

Fun with Clouds

So, last week I was shopping and noticed this wonderful sight.  Yea  OR  Nay?  The thing that gets me about this image is the coloring under the sun...almost like the Northern Lights.  I stood there, looking at this, wondering how it would turn out in the photo, because we all know shots like this always look great to the eye.  And I have no formal training in photography.  I just point and shoot.  Don't ask me about shutter speed and f-stops.  Maybe I should learn about those things.  Couldn't hurt...might just be an improvement.


Next is a shot taken from an airplane over Georgia in 1994.  No...wait.  Not's Washington because that's Mt. Rainier directly under the prop.  DOH!


Next is from a visit to the Crazy Horse monument in South Dakota, June 1998.  We had just walked out to the parking lot.  I turned around and had to take this shot (after I picked my jaw up off the ground).  I snapped a couple of pics, and I looked up and said, "Thank you."  The wind began to blow, and seconds later, the sky changed.  Sometimes, timing is everything.  I think the clouds resemble an eagle in flight.  When I showed the photos (there are several) to a Native American friend of mine, he got goose bumps...with a huge smile on his face.  Said the Gods were smiling on me that day.  I have to agree.


If John Scalzi ever decides to make clouds a subject of the Monday Photo Shoot, I will have a difficult time of choosing just one or two pics.

P. S.  If you are ever in South Dakota, visit the Crazy Horse monument.  You will not regret it.  To give you an idea of the size of this project, all four Presidents at Mount Rushmore would fit inside just Crazy Horse's face...that's how huge this thing is.  His arm is the length of three football fields.  You can sort of see the outline of the horse's head etched in white.  Best of all, unlike Mount Rushmore, the project is funded privately, not with government or tax dollars.  :) 


It's a hard thing to give away because it usually comes back!~~


boiseladie said...

WOW!  Pretty impressive!  A definite YEA! on the first one.  They're all good!

pixiedustnme said...

Those are SO cool!

sarajanesmiles said...

Definately yea!!  Clouds are so beautiful aren't they, and you will never see exactly the same formation twice :o)
Stunning photo's, really.
Sara   x

karebear4x4 said...

a definite YEA on these photos.    great photos!   ~kbear

labdancer51 said...

I had a lot of trouble getting into your comments section..... now I`m here I say Yea!  The first photo is absolutely amazing, and the last one looks as though the clouds are flying away on wings!  :-)   Sandra xxx

gwatcdr said...

Wonderful pictures.  Very Beautiful.  Lots of Love, Nicki