Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Right Here In River City

Today at lunch I was drawn to the river.  Having procured something to eat, I headed over to the levee to eat my lunch in the warm sun  and watch the river flow by.  When I arrived I noticed a train waiting to travel across the old, rusty railroad bridge that spans the Clearwater River.  The bridge span is kept elevated at all times to allow barges and other vessels to travel up and down the river.  But, once a day, the bridge is lowered for the trains that travel west to numerous cities.

Armed with only my lunch, keys, and camera, I headed up a hill to have a seat and enjoy my lunch.  The only available bench was taken by an elderly couple enjoying their lunch so I walked a few more yards toward the bridge and set my stuff down on the ground.  Since I was wearing a cotton skirt, sitting on the weedy gravel was not an option.  Besides, I sit all day at work; for once, standing would be a treat.

Basking in the warmth of the sun, I dined on my lunch and waited for the bridge to lower, thinking of how cool it would be to get some photos of the train crossing this bridge.  In all my life in this valley, I have never seen this bridge lowered, or a train crossing it.  Yes, I've sat many times at the railroad crossing just down the road, so I know this bridge works.  It's the only way for trains to enter and leave Lewiston.  Several times I heard the blast of a warning horn coming from the massive bridge.  Ten minutes pass, the blasts have sounded half a dozen times, but the span remains elevated.

Soon, I see a figure walking the tracks.  No doubt someone from the bridge control room going to have a looksee at the problem.  He reaches the bridge and begins the task of solving the problem.


By this time I have finished my lunch, and I noticed two pairs of Canadian geese gliding on the water, looking for handouts.  They provided a bit of entertainment and one of them even tried a little 'hocus pocus' to get the bridge down, to no avail.  ;)  

I waited...and waited...and waited.  But, lunch time was over and I needed to return to the office.  Somewhat disappointed, I gathered my stuff and walked toward the trail leading down to the parking lot.  On the way I saw a woman and young girl now seated at the bench, enjoying this beautiful day.  While walking down the trail, I stopped and captured a moment shared between mother and child.


All in all, a wonderful lunchtime treat, even if I didn't get to see the bridge lowered or the train cross it.  Another day, perhaps.


~~May you live every day as if it were made just for you.~~


karebear4x4 said...

You are definitely the photo buff.  great photos again!   and i was just thinking today that i need to get my camera out and take it everywhere with me like Dona:-)~kbear

sarajanesmiles said...

Lovely photo's, you do live in a beautiful area :o)
Really like the Mother and Daughter pic, shame you didn't get to see the bridge come down though!
Sara   x

labdancer51 said...

You certainly captured the moment with these photos.  I love rivers and yours is huge.  Our rivers aren`t quite that size, but there again neither is our country! :-)

Sandra xxx

gaboatman said...

All this just on your lunch break!  Nice shots!  Thanks for sharing.

gwatcdr said...

You have the most amazing gift for taking pictures.  Wonderful job.  Nicki

delela1 said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments about the pictures.  Funny thing about the goose photo.  When I took the picture, it was one of those times when my digital camera took FOREVER to focus and shoot.  I'm standing there, pressing the shutter button, cussing and pitching a fit (yes, believe or not!) because I'm certain the moment will pass and I will end up with nothing.  So, you can imagine how silly I felt when I checked the pic seconds later.  Maybe I should pitch fits more often...