Friday, April 15, 2005

Spring in Bloom :)

Every April the Lewis-Clark valley celebrates spring with the annual Dogwood Festival.  Go anywhere in the valley and you will find Dogwoods in bloom at every turn.  There is one outside my office, and I snapped this first thing yesterday morning.

And, 'Ballade' is now open.  I just love this tulip, it is so delicate...and the color is perfect.  The fluted, champagne glass shape is not so apparent in the shot, but I think you get the idea.


But my favorite is Shirley, which is a late spring bloom, so it will be a bit before she appears. 

You know how sometimes you take a photo of something, then after you develop or download it, you see something you didn't see before.  When I took this pic, I didn't see the insect until I downloaded the photo.  It's kind of a daddy long-legs, twig looking thing.

The dead blurry yellow thing in the lower left foreground is another double daffodil, 'White Lion' I think.  It is an early daffodil and unfortunately it came up too soon, during the late frost.  Last year the same thing happened.  I have yet to see what this daffodil looks like because each year it freezes before the bulb gets a chance to bloom.

But, it serves as a reminder to me.  It reminds me not to rush things.  That everything happens in its own time and place.  It reminds me that pushing too much, too soon can sometimes destroy the flower before it is ready to bloom.

If the earth can speak in flowers, then I can listen.


~~This is the perfect season to be the salt of the earth.~~


sarajanesmiles said...

Beautiful pics!!
I didn't see the daddy long legs until I looked again after you mentioned it!!  Fantastic!
Sara   x

gwatcdr said...

I love these pics you keep putting in your J they are gorgeous.  Nicki

labdancer51 said...

You are so knowledgable about your flowers.  You do take lovely photos of them too.  I didn`t spot the daddylonglegs until you mentioned it.  We don`t get them over here until August when they are everywhere ! :-)   Sandra xxx