Saturday, April 9, 2005

Those Divine Secrets...

What is it about mothers and daughters?

I've watched this movie I don't know how many times, and every time it reaches out and it grabs me by the heart and it shakes me clear down to the ground.

I understand it.  I know the secrets.  I've lived them, many times.  Too many times.

Secrets?  Divine?

If you've seen the movie, you know what I mean.  Those of you reading my story in Metamorphosis, know what I mean.  I find it interesting this movie aired last night, given the point of my life I am writing about in Meta.  For several weeks I have debated continuing from where I stopped, or going forward to one of the sweetest days of my life.  Now I know the answer.  Now I know what to write next.

Mothers and daughters.  The never ending story of good vs. evil. 

So, are there any other Ya-Ya's here in J-Land?  Come on sisters, you know what I mean.

Tell me, how big is this circle of those who hold divine secrets...

^^^^^Ya Ya^^^^^


~~Though we may find beauty in what we see...what is felt with the heart can't be seen, only shared.~~


labdancer51 said...

Mothers and daughters....... I am so close to my daughter now, but it wasn`t always the case.  I`m just thankful we got there in the end. :-)  Sandra xxx

stupidsheetguy said...

Hmm, Guess I have to pass on this one. I'll be back, though!


delela1 said...

Jimmy, LOL!  Oh, you are brave to even comment.  You may just be the only male commenter for this entry, treading where most men dare not tread!

Sandra-that is so good to hear.  It is so very rewarding, isn't it?

sarajanesmiles said...

Just had a peek, will definately go back for more!!
Sara   x

sarajanesmiles said...

I wasn't close to my Mother growing up, she didn't live with us, and I don't have a daughter :o(  I sooo want a daughter, though my Jelly boy is the light of my life.  Maybe I should make him grow his hair long!  I haven't seen this movie either, though now I'm thinking I need to watch it ASAP!!
I don't know about Metamorphosis, I should go check that out when I have more time!
Sara   x