Friday, April 29, 2005

Two Birds...One Stone House

For those of you who really wanted to see the inside of my bosses home, the wait is over.  This afternoon she decided to shut the office down early and she invited us to her home for some vino.  It's been a while since I've been inside her home; last time I was there some work was still in progress.  I was impressed with this place the first time I saw it...and now, even more so.  Some people just have really good taste, you know.  And an eye for details.

I was the first to arrive, having left the office an hour before everyone to take care of some banking tasks.  Yesterday Wanda told me she was off to buy some chicks...chuckar and pheasant chicks.  I mean, doesn't everybody go off and buy chicks?  So, I got a major baby chick fix this afternoon.  And yes, they are soooooo tiny and sooooo cute.  The first one I picked up was a chuckar.  The chick prompty fell asleep in my hand, but peeped the entire time.  There's just something about holding a creature so tiny and helpless and having it fall asleep, in your hands.  The trust soothes the soul.  It was so simple and yet so satisfying.

Okay, so enough about the cute chicks...the fuzzy kind anyway.  Somewhere in this entry is a joke about having chicks (Playboy) and chicks (feathered) in this house within a two week time period.



Time for more photos of the house.  This is the living room with the front door open just outside the right side of the photo.


The atrium, not finished.  Beneath the rugs is a falsefloor.  At some future date, the false floor and rugs will be removed, and giant plants will be brought into thebasement and flourish within this space.  

Now, that's what I call a kitchen!

Inside the cupola (not finished).  What a view!  L-R:  My boss Wanda, admin asst. Julie, loan asst. Shanna, Lewis-Clark Bicentennial coordinator Jenni, and Shanna's daughter (sorry, can't remember her name).

Guest wing bath.  Playboy used this room and the bedroom as a backdrop for the Pac-10 pictorial.

Considering that Wanda and her husband did most of the work themselves...yes...I'd say they should both be quite pleased with the end result.  And now, last but not least, the driveway and front elevation.  That's the master suite balcony right over the front door.  To the right of the suite is the upstairs deck, where we had just been sitting, drinking wine as a gentle breeze blew.  Bliss!

Before we left, we all decided Wanda needs to have these Friday afternoon vino breaks more frequently.


~~May your beauty sprout like a garden for all to see.~~


lindainspokane said...

holy bath water, batman!! now that is a house...what in the heck does her husband do for a living? and im sure her being your boss she makes a pretty penny also...i cant even fathom living in such a gorgeous mansion (yes, its a mansion!) like that...let alone own it! and taking the afternoon off to spend it there and drink sounds like the perfect friday to me! thanks for sharing this beautiful home with us :-) hope u have a wonderful weekend...


karebear4x4 said...

Awesome house!   However,  i'm biased   I love the little chicks better   They are soooo cute and adorable.   May have to get me some one day:-)~kbear.....p.s.where's that grandbaby?

labdancer51 said...

That certainly is a kitchen... but it looks far too good to use!   And the!  :-)   Sandra xxx

justaname4me2 said...

WOW, what a home. That bathtub, although saying bathtub for something like that just doesn't seem right. Yes, I would be asking for vino more often!

gwatcdr said...

wow that house is amazing.  Nicki

cneinhorn said...

amazing house!  just beautiful!


boiseladie said...

WOW!!!  What a gorgeous place!  I definitely love the Mediterranean, or Spanish, appeal.  Makes me want to go out and buy the PLAYBOY issue featuring this home.  lol

sarajanesmiles said...

Wow!!  What a beautiful home, and it's so huge!!!
Cute chicks ;o)
Sara   x