Sunday, May 29, 2005

Easy - Week #8

Oh boy, back to back Easy entries this week.  That's a first.  And this weekend being what it is, Kelly says

Tell me......

"Camping - tent or camper? or Hotel?"

Drawing on my own personal experience with all three, this answer truly is just depends on the location.  ;)  See I have this vegabound spirit, and I love exploring places.  Whether the place is along the banks of a nearby river or some city hundreds of miles away, I'm happy.

So, let's say the place is a nearby river, then my preference is a camper...trailer actually, or even a motor home.  No tent!  If I'm out in the wild, as in wild with animals like bears and snakes and such, I want to know there is a solid wall of something between me and the critters.  Tents just don't come with that sense of security.  With an RV, food and garbage are locked up inside and that decreases the chances of attracting the larger critters.  Then there is the rest room situation.  RV's come equiped with a bathroom, and I've seen enough campground rest rooms in my days to know that there are some pretty disgusting people who camp and there is no way I'm using a public rest room if I don't have to!

Now, if I'm heading to a distant city, I want a hotel of course.  I like being pampered, having maid service or room service at my fingertips, something camping doesn't offer.  I don't have to cook or clean...all I need to do is relax and enjoy myself!  And yes, we all know what people do in hotel rooms and I have seen the shows where the host used an alternative light source to 'highlight' certain things...and that really grossed me out (did they have to show that!).   Even the best 5 star hotel didn't pass the test.  But since those shows have aired many years ago, hotels have taken note of this and responded by making certain housekeeping changes in the interest of maximizing guest comfort.  After all, guest comfort isthe name of the game and the bottom line of the hospitality industry.

So there you have it.  Guess you could say I'm flexible.


gaboatman said...

I was a tent camper for many, many years.  These days, I'm with you... a camper or RV is the only way to go.  Sam

karebear4x4 said...

I'd still prefer a tent, however i haven't found too many my age willing to do so   so i'll save that for backpacking   I Love Roughin it!   a Lodge or camper will be ok nowadays too   anyway i can be out in nature is good by me~kbear

gwatcdr said...

Hotel.  LOL If the world changed as we know it I would be totally out of luck.  I havte camping always will.  LOL Nicki

pixiedustnme said...

Wow, you're just far to flexible and easy going for your own good!  I guess camping would be ok if I could take one of those Harry Potter tents where you walk in and you have your vacation home :-)