Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Los Lonely Boys  : Los Lonely Boys  : 'Heaven'

Got Ronnie Milsap and Los Lonely Boys playing together on CMT 'Crossroads.'

  (c) Country Music Television

Oh yeah!  Ronnie is rockin' the house! 

So far CMT has always hit paydirt on the pairing of country and pop artists featured on this show.  I don't know who makes the picks (artists? CMT? management?) but they've been spot on every time.  Since the show began I've seen

* Martina McBride and Pat Benatar (my favorite)
* Brad Paisely and John Mayer
* Emmy Lou Harris and Dave Mathews
* Wynonna and Heart
* Kenny Chesney and John Mellencamp
* Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow

I know there's been more and I've missed them, but the ones I have seen provided me with great entertainment.  The behind the scenes footage showing how they decide which songs to sing, the rehearsals, the time they spend sharing stories about the songs they's all good.


pixiedustnme said...

Heaven - one of my current favorite songs (only I get the Salvador version on my Christian radio station :-) )

queeniemart said...

I have seen all of these shows and my favorite was Wynonna/Heart. I LOVE favorite country singer is Martina and it was soooo awesome with Pat Benatar. I just watched the Milsap one. AWESOME.

delela1 said...

Queenie  - Oh the Wy and Heart show was an excellent one, indeed.  But watching Pat and Martina belt out each other's songs...those two 'little' ladies gave us a powerhouse performance. ~Dona

brvheart1037 said...

I don' t tell many people this but I sometimes watch the TOP 20 Countdown on CMT. And let me just say that I adore Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisely, Keith Urban OMG..they are VERY HOT! I'll def watch Paisely and Sheryl Crow on the CMT Cross Roads.

delela1 said...

Gera - I Knew It!  You ARE a closet country music fan!  :D  Psst!  Don't tell anyone, but of the three, I appreciate Mr. Urban's...talent.  ;)

gwatcdr said...

I watched a couple of those they were pretty good.  Nicki

sarajanesmiles said...

I've only ever heard of three of these!!
Sara   x