Friday, June 24, 2005

Easy -- Week #11

This week's question goes hand-in-hand <grin> with last week's.  Now Kelly wants to know...

Tell me......

"What is your favorite thing to drink on a hot summer day?"

I figure we better get some drinks going with all that food we're grilling, right?


Most days it is


Occasionally it is

Red beer  - OR -  gin digger



gwatcdr said...

water but if I am feeling froggy I drink a Mic Light

karebear4x4 said...

Iced Tea    nice cold sweet iced tea:-)~kbear

gabreaelinfo said...

Water is great for you :) .


queeniemart said...

Whats a gin digger?

sarajanesmiles said...

I love ice cold water :o)
Last year I found this bottled water with a mild strawberry flavour, that was yummy!
Sara   x

delela1 said...

Queenie, a gin digger is a clam digger with gin instead of vodka; a clam digger is a bloody mary with clamato juice in the place of tomato juice.  Clamato juice is tomato juice flavored with clam juice.  very yummy.  see, it's all very simple really, and there will be test on this later ;)

Sara, I had some wild berry flavored water today; it was okay, but it tasted like really diluted Kool-Aide to me.  Really, really diluted Kool-Aide.  I'll bet the strawberry is good.  Th.e wild berry was so-so

lv2paynt said...

Lets see, water, ice tea, gin & tonic or a Smirnoff's cooler