Friday, July 29, 2005

But I Don't Have Opposable Thumbs!!!!!

How do you drive a 'chow hound' Labrador crazy?



Rum says, "Doggie treats!!!! Yea!!!!!  Happy dog!!!!  I want two...three....just give me the whole jar!"

"Hmmmm, I can smell them, so I know there are treats inside.  What's this on top?  It seems to be in my way.  Maybe I can move it with my nose."

"Not fair!  This is torture!  Pllllleeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzze help me.  I can't get it off!  See my very sad face....don't you feel anything for me right now?"


Are we cruel, or what?


Yes, Rumbeau finally got some treats.  And to think that the mere addition of a small appendage to our hand made all the difference in this dogs world.


gwatcdr said...

LOL Beautiful dog.  Mine are the same way.  My cocker spaniel has an eating disorder called gottahavemesomeitis.  Nicki

bleupentacles said...

I sincerely hope they're not your thumbs.

queeniemart said...

Poor puppy!!!!!!! His eyes were begging PLEASE PLEASE!  So glad to know he got a treat! Hugs, lisa

lurkynat said...

lol.cute! Thanks!

lurkynat said...

lol.cute! Thanks!

delela1 said...

Bleu - Nope, not my thumbs.  Them things be the hub's thumbs.