Saturday, July 16, 2005

Did I mention...

how HOT it was yesterday?

When I left work at 3 pm we hit the century mark, plus 3.  By the time I arrived at the tattoo place at 4 pm I was relieved to be back indoors.

Goodness, it's so hot.

(c) Mary Englebreit

Had a Pepsi Lime with me when I arrived at the tat place, but had to leave it in the car.  It was half drank, and I should have just tossed it right then and there.  Because we all know what happened to that Pepsi, in my hot car, during the next hour, don't we?

Now I'm not big on chemistry, but I'm willing to guess that there was some major molecular shifting and changing going on in that can while my molecules were getting shifted and changed.  An hour later, I'm back in the car looking at the can, and I knew what the situation was, but had pick it up anyway. 

I'm a curious creature.

Yep, it was hot.  Cookin'.  Probably could have boiled an egg in it.

(c) Mary Englebreit

Hot Pepsi is bad, but hot Pepsi with Lime...

At any rate, when I got home, I found myself standing in front of the freezer, with the door wide open.  Oh, now that first blast is awesome, you know.  Had to make myself a little drinky, to celebrate.

Ain't telling ya what I did with the Pepsi...


Just for you sunshine!  This is a better pic, of the tat anyways.  She did an awesome job.  But I wonder, could my pores be any bigger? 


stupidsheetguy said...

I just took a can out to the car. I'll let you know.

So, owwie?


labdancer51 said...

Hot pepsi....bleh!  I don`t even like it!   :-)

Sandra xxxx

happysunshien said...

umm our picture?  whree is my foot....