Monday, July 11, 2005

Finding Things

Today I sat and thought
About yesterday and tomorrow
A soft breeze whispered softly in my ear
Your name, as I wondered why you had to go.

I watched the sun slowly slide down
Until it settled somewhere out of sight
And for a brief moment I saw your smiling face
Shining, just like a beacon amidst the sunlight.

The vision brought a smile to my lips
I felt a twinkle spark in my eyes
Rising to my feet, I paused and wondered
Whether you and I will ever be together under this big blue sky.

(c) 1990 DLL

While doing a bit of cleaning the other day, I came across the above poem I wrote many years ago.  I came across several poems, actually, from several years ago.

Here's another written during my senior year in high school, shortly after I got 'dumped' by the love of my life.  Well, at the time I thought he was...turns out, he wasn't...not even close.   Within a couple of years he was just another guy.

Glancing across the room
I notice memories of you
Yet you are not gone
You live, with every fleeting moment that passes by.
As the song would say,
"Traces of you" is what I see
I get so mad
I feel like burning the memories
But what good would it do?
I would only despise myself
For it afterwards
I let the memories remain
Wiping away dust that gathers from time
All I know are these memories
And what I see, I love.

(c) 1975 DLL


And in case you were wondering, the photo is mine, taken last February inside a car driving across a very bumpy bridge, at dusk.  Weird effect, huh?  I have absolutely no idea how or why it turned out the way it did.  No clue, whatsoever.  I almost deleted that photo.  But, something told me not to.  Camera: Olympus Camedia C-4000 digital.


Daily Thoughts from my 'For Giving Souls' calendar:
~~Sometimes I wish I could peek at tomorrow, but then today wouldn't be today.~~

~~Hope is what holds our dreams and helps them grow into realities.~~
~~Promises build bridges between friends.~~


gaboatman said...

Glad you didn't delete that photo.  It seems perfect for this entry.  I liked both of your new/old poems, but the first one I really connected with.  Just shows you've had this awesome talent even back then.

sarajanesmiles said...

I'm so glad you didn't delete that pic!!  I love the effect of the lights, their squiggly patterns :o)
Excellent poems too, very insightful.
Sara   x

karebear4x4 said...

Great photo!   i had a similar affect trying to capture the Paris nite life while on a tour bus in the city years ago   i love the the poems too!~kbear

emfeasel said...

..lovely poems.....very......

I really like the's jazzy...dreamy.. E

labdancer51 said...

Lovely lovely poems, and that pic is something effective!  :-)

Sandra xxxx

dcmeyer420 said...

That pic is amazing! Great poems too. Looking forward to reading more of them...

grofsand said...

sometimes our best discoveries are the moments we find, which were lost in time!

That lovely poem from 1990......which you wrote about for a person...can also be about "time"   our precious youth!

Sweet Dreams!  Marc :)

boiseladie said...

Very cool photo, even if you have no idea how it got that way!  lol  Your poems are great too.

st0rmwhispers said...

What a WILD photo....I love it!  It looks like brainwaves and seems strangely contemplative...perfect for this entry.

Your poetry is beautiful.  I wish I could say I got over my first love that easy....that jerk's memory haunted me well into my first marriage....