Sunday, August 28, 2005

Clash of the Titans?

So, today I stepped outside and found a little power struggle taking place on the deck.  A praying mantis vs. a yellow jacket. 


"Put up your dukes."

I left the dynamic duo alone while I went inside to finish some chores.  When I came back outside some time later, this is what I saw.

"Come on out and fight you yellow-bellied, buzzing backyard bully!"

Yeah, I know, I'm weird.  I admit to being fascinated by strange things, and there are plenty of strange things to grab my fascination.  But I am curious if anyone else has ever seen anything like this.

I like praying mantis.  Never gave 'em much thought until the day I saw one on a plant and I said, "Hi there mantis bug."  The mantis then turned it's head and looked directly at me as if to say 'Hello' in return.  Loved that.


stupidsheetguy said...

I hope to heck the mantis one. I've had it up to HERE with the damned yellow jackets this year. I got attacked a few weeks ago because the idiots on maintenance knocked a nest down during the day and the de-nested yellow jackets were waiting for me in my apartment.

Yay Mantis!


delela1 said...

Jimmy, you will be happy to know victory went to the praying mantis.  :)  Saw it a bit ago, minus a leg.  Poor thing.  Don't know if he lost it during the battle or not, but the mantis is alive, well, and living in my front planter.  Off the deck and back in the dirt.  

boiseladie said...

I haven't seen a Praying Mantis eating another bug type, but just a couple of days ago, there was one on the wall near the entrance to my home.  Basking in the sun as the heat radiated off the wall.  They are pretty cool looking creatures.

karebear4x4 said...

Kewl!   yay Mantis!  they are sooo kewl~kbear

delela1 said...

Jimmy...would you like to borrow my dictionary?  Or was that a prediction of who would win?

Boise...I don't know if the mantis ate the yellow jacket...may have to further investigate the eating habits of the praying mantis.

Kbear...isn't it tho?  Felt like I had my own little private version of the Animal Planet going on right outside my front door.  :)

labdancer51 said...

Aha!  What we call wasps you call yellowjackets.  Welln whatever their name I can`t stand them so I would back the praying mantis to win the fight! :-)

Sandra xxxx