Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's 3 AM - Do you know where your zuccini bread is?

Last night I baked four more loaves of zuccini bread...the two remaining from Thursday night is not enough.  Only this time, after pulling the last two loaves from the oven I set them on a shelf in my kitchen garden window to cool...well out of the reach of a certain four-legged (if only I'd thought of that before).

This morning Sam tells me Allie woke him up at 3 AM with a cold nose in the armpit.  Thinking she needs to go outside, he gets up and lets her out.  Minutes later he lets her back in and returns to bed.  That's when he heard the sound of Allie going up the stairs (our room is in the basement).  Kitchen is upstairs.  Zuccini bread is upstairs, in kitchen.

I'm sure Allie was just checking to make sure Rumbeau didn't eat the zuccini bread while she was on her break outside.


BTW...this morning all four loaves of zuccini bread made it to their final destination...the freezer.  None disappeared overnight.  :)


grofsand said...

This sounds like a case for Columbo!  "Hmmm...everytime you bake...just 2 of the four zuchinni breads disappear.....well, we know, whoever it is..they are not greedy..at least they are leaving you with 2 to enjoy!"

Quite frankly...I think your butler did it!   Look ing for that trail of crumbs,,,,Marc:)

robinngabster said...

Hmmm....thinking one of those homemade loaves should really be packed up and shipped to SAN ANTONIO!! Don't you?  BTW....did you change the title of this journal or am I freaking out?  xoxo