Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Back to School

From the John Scalzi files...

Your Monday Photo Shoot: It's back to school season. Show us a picture of something that represents "Back to School" to you. Kids on their way to school, a stack of new text books, school supplies, parents leaping for joy... oh, wait, maybe not that last one.

Don't be afraid to reach back into the archives for this one; if you've got a great "back to school" photo from 1975, bring it on. I could show you a picture from my own back to school days -- the one from second grade, when I was dressed in pink denim from head to toe -- but no. No. And stop looking at me like that. It was the 70s. And my mom dressed me. Take it up with her.

Take or scan the photos, upload them into your blog or journal, and come back here to leave a link. And welcome back to another year of school!

Well John, they say confession is good for the soul, but...pink denim? 

Okay, believe it or not I have only one photo (on my computer) fitting of this theme.  I wasn't wearing denim on this day and can't tell if the dress is pink (back then, girls did not...I repeat...did not wear slacks/jeans/pants to school, we always wore dresses); there is something to  be said for the good ol' days of b & w film, ya know.

Lovely pose I've struck there.  And the collar...oh lordy!  Would have been even better had I been wearing saddle shoes.  I did have a pair.  Must not have been saddle shoe day.

Feel free to ad lib in the comment section...I'd love to hear it.  Really, I would.  :o


pixiedustnme said...

well golly, weren't you a little cutie :-)

jamie24601 said...

I think your picture is much cuter than the one I dragged out.  And we both have the peter pan collar going on.

...but at least mine was a uniform ;-)


karebear4x4 said...

i hated wearing dresses ALL the time-YUK!    i don't even own one anymore   weren't those the days...~kbear

moltenhalo said...

Great picture!  You were a cutie.  :)  I was looking back through some pictures of my childhood the other day, (stretching into the black and white photos also) and it was really nice to see how fresh and young I was at one time.  Kind of like you are in this one.  We are still like that, deep down inside aren't we?  It seems that we just lose that happy innocent spark most of the time, buried under bills, obligations, and stress.  I enjoyed seeing your picture and being reminded of the child we carry inside.  

kokoapuffy1 said...

LOL! Gotta love these school photo's. The dresses with the collars. I didn't have saddle shoes, we wore penny loafers. lol.         ~Deborah

robinngabster said...

Awwwwwwww....looks just like my Magster!!!!

alphawoman1 said...

You are so cute!