Thursday, October 6, 2005

Comedy of Errors

Sometimes I think there is more comedic talent in J-Land than there is in any television studio here in the U. S..  I've watched most of the new comedy shows, not all, but most...and for the most part I haven't laughed.  Not once.

I am not amused.

Yet on any given day I can tune into J-Land and within minutes of stopping in at someone's journal be in absolute times laughing to the point of tears.

If those comedy writer's had any sense in their heads they'd be hanging out in J-Land, too.  Now there's a thought.  Wouldn't you just s**t your shorts if you were watching a show and something you recently wrote about in your journal played out before your very eyes on the television, and the characters used the same exact wording?!?

Hmmm.  What are the odds, and who would be the wiser?



stupidsheetguy said...

My opinion is, the writers are not in touch with any aspect of the real world. I mean what's funnier than the day to day nonsense that goes on in our lives (no, not "Reality TV", a term I believe to be an oxymoron). Think of the comedies that really made us laugh in the past: All In The Family, Cheers, you get the idea. Now every show has nothing but over-the-top characters, obscene plots, the requisite wise-ass child, and the boring bathroom humor. And "funny" seems to be equated with "humiliating or demeaning" these days.

Darn. I think you pinched a nerve here....

Thanks for saying what I'm thinking. Nice to know my opinions aren't all alone out here.


pixiedustnme said...

And wouldn't we be way cheaper than paying a writer who doesn't have a clue??