Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Two for Tuesday

Steelhead season opened recently; every morning and afternoon on my commute the river is dotted with boats.  I'm sure there's a lunker or two beneath the surface.

Any work day that ends with this sight...now that's a good day!  'Night all!


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UPDATE:  What is a steelhead, you ask?  :)

Idaho Steelhead

Steelhead are actually rainbow trout that migrate to the ocean and return to fresh water (anadromous fish). Idaho's A-run steelhead are usually found in the Snake and Salmon rivers. They return from the ocean earlier in the year (usually June through August) and they most often return after spending one year in the ocean. Because they return early in the year and because they usually come back after only one year in the ocean, they weigh 4 to 6 pounds and are generally 23 to 26 inches in length.

The B-run steelhead most often return to the Clearwater River, but some return to tributaries in the Salmon River. These fish usually spend two years in the ocean, and start their migration to Idaho later in the summer or fall of the year (usually late August or September). Because of the extra year and the extra summer of growing in the ocean, they return as much bigger fish.

Average B-run steelhead weigh between 10 and 13 pounds and are 31 to 34 inches long. Steelhead grow very large when they spend a third year in the ocean before they return to Idaho to spawn. These steelhead are usually larger than 37 inches and often weigh more than 20 pounds. The Idaho state record steelhead was 30 pounds and was caught in the Clearwater River in 1973.

(Information provided by the Idaho Department of Fish & Game)

The river in the above photo is the Clearwater River.


robinngabster said...

Breath taking!

debbted said...

This photo is radiant--just gorgeous! Blessings, Sassy ;-)


justaname4me2 said...

Ahh the Stealhead are running! I hope to make a trip up North to catch a few myself. Now, that sunset is gorgeous, amazing and makes our state Proud!

labdancer51 said...

That photo is stunning Dona, what is steelhead season?  :-)

Sandra xxxx

stupidsheetguy said...

Oh I tend to agree, although the view from the boat back at the highway is probably more fun!

Beautiful picture.


trickeytricky said...

Just stopping in. I like in the journal description, "subject to change without notice." I may borrow that from you if that is alright.

Amanda over at:

my3gifts said...

Trick or Treat! :)


courtenaymphelan said...

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