Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Before & After

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Do "Before and After" photos on any subject you like. The idea is to show change over a bit of time. Some easy ideas would be haircuts, cleaned-up rooms, kittens growing up into cats, and etc. And yes, this means you can dip into your collection of old photos (they certainly qualify as "before").

Feeling a bit like a copy cat, because I decided to use a tree for my before and after shots; the difference is where John's tree starts with lots of leaves and ends without any leaves, mine goes in reverse.  A lovely specimen Dogwood, seen first in full bloom last spring, or about six months ago; secondly, as it looks today.  If it seems as if the dogwood looks fuller, or lusher, in the after photos, your eyes are not deceiving you.  In the spring, dogwoods display only the delicate flowers with no leaves, which come on later.  So there is actually more foilage on the tree in the fall than there is in the spring.  The leaves start out bright green in late spring and turn bright red in the fall.  Talk about a transformation.

BEFORE - Dogwood, April 2005

AFTER - Dogwood, November 2005


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queeniemart said...

I wonder how often all of us are guilty of walking by natures beauty and not even seeing it? I know i am very guilty of it. Thanks for these pics....reminds me to notice the little things more often. Hugs, lisa jo

carolhehe said...

Thanks for leaving a comment in my journal :) Your not a copy cat, you used a different tree! LOL

labdancer51 said...

Beautiful!  :-)

Sandra xxxx

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boiseladie said...

Great before and after shots!  Love the dogwood bloom.