Monday, November 14, 2005

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Landmarks

Time to look through your photos, because this photo shoot is a bit of a challenge:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Display a picture you're taken of a famous man-made landmark. Significant buildings, big statues, great walls (particularly in China) -- it people put it together, it counts.

Well, I had to go back through the years...1998 to be exact, in order to find one that fit this challenge.  If you've ever visited Mt. Rushmore, you probably made the drive up the mountain road to the site.  Just before you round the final corner that leads to the entrance, if you turn around and look out your back window, this is what you'll see...George that is, not necessarily the goat.  I like this point of view because it shows a different side of this famous face looming over the rock from which it came.  The only reason why I caught this view was because mountain goats where walking along the road side and completely stopped the traffic.

Cute little guy isn't a shaggy kind of way.


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pixiedustnme said...

I have never been to Mt Rushmore!  Guess there's not much reason just to pass through South Dakota :-)  Love the goat!

mosie1944 said...

Yes, amazing.

robinngabster said...


mavarin said...

I really love that shot (and the goat, too).  I've never seen a picture from that vantage point before! Mount Rushmore is definitely on my long list of places to get to someday. - Karen

courtenaymphelan said...

I marvel about how this was accomplished so long ago...cMp

mkolasa101 said...

Mount Rushmore - went there this summer.  Never know the magnitude, the immensity of this wonderous work of art untill one sees it with their own eyes.  I got that shot, I know where you were when you took it.  We also took this road that has a lot of razor backs in it and as you go through the second or third tunnel where they have the trees opened up, right up in front of you is Mount Rushmore from an even different vantage point.  Power wasn't it.  Did you see the light show in the evening?