Sunday, December 18, 2005

Easy - #31

Easy - like Sunday the evening.

Okay, I'm really late for this.  What can I say, I've been decorating for the holidays.  So on that note...

Tell me...

Is there a person or a group in your area that really gets into the spirit and takes Christmas decorating to a whole new level?

Where to start?  There are so many.  People around here really get into it.  Not just families, but whole neighborhoods.  We have a street that eleven months out of the year is called Sunset Drive, but in December it is transformed into Candy Cane Lane.   Almost everyone on that street participates and every home has a 3 foot red and white striped wooden candy cane attached to both sides of their mail box.  There are Santas, snowmen and snow women, reindeer, elves, white trees...the entire neighborhood glows with the festive lights of the holiday.

We have several Christmas parades and even the local boat owners have a parade on the river titled Reflections on the Snake; each and every boat is decked out in lights, all with different themes.  There are some very clever and artisic people living in this area.  Many folks brave the cold night temperatures and line the banks of the river to watch the boats float by, brilliantly decorated with hundreds of lights.

Down town the local chamber of commerce presents their annual display titled 'Winter Spirit' and each year it grows bigger and better.  Every tree in Locomotive Park is decorated with thousands of miniture lights in every color of the spectrum,. lighting up the night sky as Christmas songs play endlessly over a stereo.  Children dash under lighted arches rigged with motion sensors that change colors as the children move beneath.  In the park center a massive oak takes center stage, draped in a rainbow of colors dancing to the beat of the music.  It is an awe-some experience.  A couple of years ago the display was featured on A & E television for a program highlighting the top 20 Christmas displays in the nation.  Ours was #14 or #15 and it was such a treat to see all the hard work of so many volunteers showcased on a national television show.  Here's just a small sampling of the display this year.




Okay, now it's your turn.  Tell me, and if you have photos, post those to your journal too, then come back here and leave me a link back to you.  I'll post your answers next Saturday. 

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karebear4x4 said...

Awesome photos!   Hope you and your family have great Holidays!~kbear