Monday, February 20, 2006

The 3 D's of home improvement: designs, delays, and dollars

* * * WARNING!!!!  Long winded journal entry.  WARNING!!!! * * *

I am so excited!!! The kitchen facelift project is in the home stretch and now I can actually see the reward of our efforts.  We started this project a year ago with the wall paper and that's as far as we got  (yes...a year >here<).  Then the 30 year old redwood deck outside had to be replaced when it became a bit of a safety hazard; nails popping out of the deck boards, weak railings, rotting wood, stuff like that.  Sam spent the entire summer rebuilding the deck after work and on weekends, so the kitchen project was put on hold.  Summer ends, outdoor deck is nearly complete, cold weather sets in.  Back to the kitchen project...almost.  Had to put it on hold again because the counter top installer had several huge projects going on that kept him busy until after the holidays.  I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever get this finished.  Finally, it's almost done!!!!  Good thing we didn't sign up for HGTV Weekend Warriors show or we would be in serious trouble.  LOL!




For the past two weeks I've been without a stove and a sink while Sam built the decks for the new countertops.  My frig and stove were in my dining room, my dining room has been in my living room; the frig we could plug in but not the stove.  Meals either had to be cold, take out, or microwaved and that gets old, real fast.  Had to bring my camping wash tubs in to wash silverware because we ran out a couple of times.  You never realize how much you miss those little things until those things are not there for you.  Good thing I'm a patient person, but there for a while my patience was rapidly declining.

Got the counter tops installed finally and this weekend, Sam, installed the new sink and faucet.  We visited Home Depot to get all the plumbing materials on Saturday; I comment that while we are at it, maybe we should replace the Insinkerator too.  Sam disagrees...if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Arrive home and Sam begins.  He installed the sink and faucet, then got the 25+ year old Insinkerator reinstalled, and started putting in the pipes.  Run into problem with pipes, pull out the Insinkerator to McGuiver things a bit and make a....interesting...discovery.  Apparently the tubing that flows out of the unit has collapsed, and the pipe is pert near plugged.






Back to Home Depot to purchase a new Insinkerator.  I don't say a word.

Time for the reveal.  I thought about waiting until we replace the flooring, but I can't.  I'm just too excited and I have to put it in my!

THE IDEA:  Old world tuscany meets Idaho bistro

THE INSPIRATION: Artwork by Jennifer Garant (I love her work)



THE DESIGN: Then and now




Countertop (top), facing and back splash (bottom):

New sink (80% granite, made in England) and faucet (made in Italy).

Sam was a bit reluctant to get a new dining set, and had a year to see that the colonial american table and chairs we had didn't do much for the Tuscany feel.  He surprised me a month ago when he suggested we 'look' at some tables and chairs.  A couple of days later, we had a new dining table and chairs.  Slate with distressed wood and iron.  The manufacturer of these pieces makes replicas of antiques.  We were set on getting a rectangular table with leaves, but after seeing this piece Sam and I both reconsidered.  It fits perfectly with the tuscany bistro theme.  The oldest daughter got the old dining set (with four leaves) and chairs since Thanksgiving is now celebrated at her home and she needs a big table to seat everyone.  See how that worked out, for everyone?

The new flooring to be laid this weekend.  Italian ceramic tile, perfect for my old world italian design.

What a Valentine's Day present!

I find it very interesting how the dark wood finish of the cabinets now seems lighter.

Funny thing, every time I see that red pancake compressor (in the first photo) I have to smile.  I purchased that compressor as a Christmas gift for Sam acouple of years ago.  Right after Christmas his mom asked me what I gave him, soI told her.  She then remarked that it must make really good pancakes.

Maybe I'll invite her over for some pancakes in my new kitchen.


Speaking of Italian, what about those two Olympic ice dancers!  She could keep that whole arena frozen, all by herself.  It wasn't entirely his fault they fell; he probably couldn't breathe from that stranglehold she had on him just before they collapsed. 


Oh, I stand corrected.  She warmed back up.


~~Good things come to she who waits.~~  True, since I've been waiting 14 years to change this kitchen.  :)


mawmellow said...

Beautiful your sink and table and chairs !

sangrialel said...

Wow look at all that work!  How wonderful.  Lelly

fasttrack58 said...

Wow, you should be proud, it's beautiful!!
Linda :)

labdancer51 said...

Hi Dona,  Your kitchen is lovely, isn`t it a lovely feeling to have the kitchen just the way you wanted?  I had to wait years for mine and I really love it! :o))

Sandra xxxxx

thinkingoutloud said...

Nice job!

That is absolutely beautiful.  I love everything including the kitchen sink.
It looks like a completely different room.  Wow!

The table and chairs are really really nice.  I like the whole Italian theme going on.  I am Italian btw:)

Isn't it nice to see it all come together?  We redid our kitchen about 10? years ago.  What a nightmare but I still love it.

Now you'll just have to spend a lot of time there.  And I'm sure you will.


dcmeyer420 said...

Can't wait to see the finished kitchen. The dining room is beautiful! The house we're buying needs an updated kitchen too. I am leaning on a French Provincial theme. I now know where to ask for advice before I head out there and get the supplies.  

karebear4x4 said...

What a difference!   such small changes making a Big difference    looks awesome already   can't wait to see the finished product~kbear

randlprysock said...

What you have done so far is just gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!  I love that table n chairs!!  We did a lot of remodeling in our last home and I sure do know what you are going through and it will look so nice when it's all done.  The pain is always worth it but I was never sure in the end if the money was.  Lol. You have great taste!! Happy decorating!!  Hugs,

shayshaydc said...

Beautiful!!!! I know you are excited!!! We bought an older home and we are remodeling but the kitchen will have to wait a while!!! I'll have to tell you about my hallway...which by the way is not finished... and it's been over a year!!! LOL... that to could be a journal entry!!!

coelha said...

I like your choices for the remodel in your kitchen!  Heck, isn't it nice to have a new kitchen!!  I don't know about you, but I feel like I spend half of my life in one!
Julie :)  P.S.  Thanks for visiting my journal :)