Sunday, February 19, 2006

Answers - Easy #35

When I was writing >my Easy entry< visions of Snoopy kept running through my mind.  Memories of a hundred 'Happiness is...' posters skimmed across my heart.  Remember those?  Anyone?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the entries and now I say it is finding happiness in others.  Each one of the entries had the same common thread woven through it...happiness is found within; each author expressed happiness is found in their faith.  Amen to that.

For >
Christy<, she has let go and let God.  Not an easy thing to do, but the payoffs are hugely fulfilling.

Lelly< is content to find herself in those moments were peace silently slips in and makes itself at home.

Karen< always takes time to stop and absorb the tranquility around her knowing she can carry a bit of it with her through her days.

Thank you ladies for taking time to share these things with J-Land.  Excellent reads!

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robinngabster said...

Oh yes I remember those. I think the first book report I ever did was on a Snoopy book!  LOL

Happiness is clean underwear!!