Sunday, February 5, 2006

Easy #34

As Sam and I were grocery shopping for the game today, I noticed other shoppers all stocking up on food for their own bowl parties.  Each basket was different, filled to the brim with a diverse variety of food and beverages.  And it got me thinking.

Tell me...

What are your top 5 snack foods and when was the last time you feasted on one of those items?

Nachos (loaded), popcorn, cottage cheese with mandarine oranges, Lay's potato chips (original), grapes.  Of those, it was the cottage cheese and oranges I had last.


robinngabster said...

1. Cookies
2. Chips and Salsa
3. Humus
4. Popcorn
5. nuts

I had nuts in the form of trail mix a few days ago and cookies today! :)  I made them for Gabby and her friend so naturally I had to sample one or two to make sure they were okay!

queenb8261 said...

I'm loving:
1. Popcorn 2.Cereal (dry) currently Kellog's Heart Crack I mean Heart Smart, Healthy heart [I swear it's got crack or SOMETHING addictive in it].  
3. Candy (currently the new mini candy coated hershey kissables in the m&m size package--I think they may be laced with crack also!!  Or maybe I'm addicted to sweets!!)
4. Ice Cream - toasted almond fudge
5. Chips or Chips and Salsa.  Had popcorn last night.  1/2 cup cereal just a bit ago.  No candy or ice cream lately.  I'm dieting.  And trying to control my blood sugar without medication.  

my3gifts said...

Here's the link to my list!