Saturday, March 11, 2006

Behind Those Doors

When you visit someone's home, do you peek inside their bathroom cabinets?  Can't resist, can you?  What is it that compels us to look?  It's not as if anything behind the doors of their cabinet belongs to us, so why do we do it?  Is it curiousity, the need to see that which is hidden, maybe human nature.  I once heard you can tell a lot about a person by what they keep in their medicine cabinet.  Well, I don't know about that, but here's a peek into ours.

There was a time when my stuff took up two of the shelves, but since Sam had the stint placed in his heart, his stuff takes a lot more space in the cabinet than it did before.

The lower cabinet, with Ki the inspector getting ready to hop in for a looksee.

The last time I went to Bath & Body Works was during their 2 for 1 sale, so I stocked up.  Haven't had to go back since...well, except maybe for a gift for someone else..


** One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats. -- Iris Murdoch **


lsfp1960 said...

I'm always afraid to take a peek...what it they had a bunch of marbles or someting in there that would fall out when you opened the door?  Neither of my bathrooms have medicine cabinets...I wonder if my guests have peeked in the bathroom drawers ????  I guess I'll never know. Linda

randlprysock said...

I really love what Iris Murdoch has to say about life... continuous small treats.  An excellent thought.  Makes me feel less guilty about our expenditures today.  Hugs,

robinngabster said...

Great pics! I have fish oil too!

labdancer51 said...

I think we all have similar things in our bathroom cabinets Dona, but you`re right we`re all fascinated with other peoples bathrooms.  I`ve never had the nerve to look inside cupboards! :o0

Sandra xxxx

queenb8261 said...

Interesting.....verrrry verrrry interesting.  LOL  I wouldn't have the nerve to show ANY of my cabinets.  I SOOO need to do some thorough cabinet and closet cleaning.  I have however snuck a peak or two in medicine cabinets.  Not cupboards or drawers but a reg. medicine cabinet.  My favorite thing to do when my mom and dad were alive was to go through this small closet that my parents had in their bathroom.  Mom didn't care and usually ended up giving me stuff or making me clean it our for her.