Sunday, March 5, 2006

Easy - #38

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It was no surprise to read the replies to my question last week.  J-Land provides the perfect place for us to surround ourselves with either a few or many friends.  Thank you Robin, Karen, and Sharon for answering.

Now for the question this week.

Home improvement projects not only brighten up and revitalize the places we call home, they also give us insights into ourselves and help us discover just how deep, or shallow, our inner wells of patience can be.  I'll be glad when my kitchen project is over for many reasons, but mainly because it involves my kitchen; the constant shifting of the stove and frig, not being able to walk on the floor or even go into the kitchen, the smell, the DUST! all adds up to a major inconvenience.  Temporary I know, but I do live in the here and I want it done, now!  One thing I have learned, when it comes to kitchens, everybody has an opinion. 

So, tell me...

Is there a room, or place, at your home that you would love to change in a major way?  Maybe the colors are wrong, or it was decorated by the previous owner.  Even if you can't actually do the project, what would you do?  What changes would you love to make?  Would you go for the sleek lines of a contemporary look, the richnessof a traditional style, maybe the down-home comfort of Americana, or those wacky shapes and colors of a retro look.  Go wild, get creative.  Tell me about that special place you have and what you wish you could do to make it really yours!  Use your imagination...after all, in day dreams money is no object!  Use photos, either yours or something from the internet, to convey the colors, the styles, the lines, the textures, the feeling you are going for.  Some of you have expressed a wish to change your home, so tell me about it!


 Home is a place where the small are great and the great are small.  --Anonymous

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