Sunday, March 12, 2006

Easy -- #39

Last weeks question may not have prompted lot of responses (doesn't anybody want to redecorate?), but Christy, the first and only person to reply really delivered the goods.  And after reading her entry, I think it's safe to say she's a little tired of living within white walls.  She is a woman on a mission and I love her ideas.  You'll see what I mean if you go to visit her.

Now, I have a bit of a confession to make.  I've been a tad on the pouty side lately...feeling kinda sorry for myself, doing the ol' slue foot shuffle while wondering what am I doing wrong?  I felt neglected and unnoticed because all around me journals were getting noticed and recognized on some level or another; journals I love to read and some I've never read at all.  There is a lot of talent out there, and I began to wonder where I fit in.  (Warning: Departure of character...exit stage left).  Maybe I'm just not good enough.  I considered stopping, taking a break, stepping back, reevalulating, and as I often do I analyzed every angle I could see.  All the while my inner voice kept nudging me like an over played Nike commercial...just do it.  Keep it because you enjoy it, keep it for the sheer joy of writing, keep writing and sharing a part of who you are.  (Re-enter character...stage right).  Hmm, good point there self.  I got back my momentum.

Then, AOL Journal's Editor Joe came up with a grand idea; The Blog Six-Pack Picks.  Oh, really?  Hmmm, I can do that!  Maybe this weekend I'll have time to sit down and make my own Six-Pack; shine the light on someone else.  Yeah!  Time for a little light shining.  Next thing I know I got a message from BoiseLadie and guess who she included on her Six-Pack Picks?  Thank you Cheryl.

Yay!  Silly as it sounds a part of me felt vindicated and relieved.  I felt like someone noticed.  And it felt good.  Time to pass it on...

So, tell me...

Have you done the Six-Pack Picks yet?

I call mine, my forest friends.  No they don't live in the forest per se, but rather it's their persona that gave me the idea.  Each one is unique and in one way or another, reminds me of the elements I have seen during time spent in the mountains.

The Evergreen:  These are the Days of Our Lives - we all know her and love her, our special Robin.  She's honest, funny, loving and caring...a real people person.  Her's is one of the first journals I read here in J-Land and I have often sought shelter beneath the vast umbrella of her friendship. 

The Fern:  Picture Window - I discovered Cathy...or maybe she discovered me...last summer.  She's got a great sense of humor, loves to 'putz' around in her garden which she uses in her photography and she shares her life with four rather interesting snoopervisors. She loves to play in the sun, thrives in the shade, and has an intricate yet delicate foilage.

The Air:  Welcome to My World - She's a former Californian living in Idaho, just like me.  She loves photography, her family, and keeping in touch with an ever expanding list of journal friends.  Say hello to my neighbor to the south; she's a real breath of fresh air.

The Doe:  KBears Heart - warm and friendly, curious, inquisitive and recently retired, Karen is a real outdoor person.  She has a heart of gold and is a giver, through and through.  She has a way of blending into her environment, quietly taking in her surroundings with ever watchful eyes.

The Reflective Pond:  Grains of Sand - Marc has a way with words and a perspective that draws you in, head nodding in agreement.  He can take the simple and make it magical. No slight of hand here, it's all in his words.  Still waters do run deep.

The River:  In My Opinion - Kelly hasn't written in a while, (hey, she's a student and a single mom) but she's got enough entries accumulated in both her journals to keep things flowing.

Now, having completed this task, I have acquired a new perspective on this whole list inclusion thing.  It's not easy; there are so many to choose from and to narrow the list down was no easy feat, for me anyways.  Guess I'll just have to find another kind of light to shine on my future selections.  :) 

Hats off to those of you daring enough to tackle this list. 

Try it youself, I dare you.









** It is the nature of the spirit to give, and that of the ego to take. --Native American saying **


robinngabster said...

Great entry. Now for fear of a spanking I will say far as Editor's picks go....its who you know. I just happen to have a friend put me up. Prolly just put me up cause he loves me and not cause my journal is all that great.

I would have put you  up when I was editor but I could have sworn you were put up by Kelly.   You have a beautiful journal Mag and I always love seeing what you have written.

You are number one in my eyes and have been from the day I met you and PIMPED you.  xoxoxo

robinngabster said...

Or is it "clever"  lmao

robinngabster said...

p.s. I love your idea of "your forest friends" very very cleaver.

cathyterv said...

OMG -- I'm in your Six-Pack Picks! Wowzers that is so cool  --- thank you!
OK - I'll have to get that going in mine one of these days, I think it's a great idea.
I think I found your journal through Helen's journal - which is one of my faves. She's got so much going and such great eye for the photos.

Time for me to hit the chicken soup again.


delela1 said...

Robin - spanking?

Cathy - you are very welcome!  :)

karebear4x4 said...

THANKS BUNCHES AND BUNCHES AND BUNCHES!!!  many hugz to you Dona!  i will get to this Six-Pack very soon.  i'm still using the library for the computer and limited on time   as soon as i get through my email, i'll do this first    cya soon my friend!~kbear