Monday, March 13, 2006

Your Monday Photo Shoot - Pets at Play

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Get a shot of your pets at play. A new shot is good, or if you have an older shot (that you haven't already used for an earlier photo shoot), that's good too. Humans can be in the picture, but it can also be of your pet (or pets) by themselves. The important thing is to catch them at play.
New Year's morning walk.
A moment from one of our morning walks at the cabin.

What the ....?
Moments later Rumbeau is caught in mid-air trying to catch a snowball.

Got a photo of your pet at play and want to join in?  Click >here< and John will tell you how.


gaboatman said...

I love your new About Me section.  I brake for animals, too, LOL!  Good shots for the photo shoot.  Looks like Rumbeau is a good catcher.

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monponsett said...

Black labs love snow.