Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Older...smolder...I'm having too much fun!!!

Okay, I am a wee bit mean, and I've been called wrong a time or two. So without further delay, as mentioned and promised in the previous entry...

From Baby D and her parents:

Love the plaque; it is perrrrrfect for the kitchen.  And the eldest daughter made the other gift; a spiral bound desk calendar.  Each page is two-sided, with one side decorated in scrapbook style ready for photos and the other contains a monthly calendar grid covered in write-on/wipe off acetate (April is shown).  How clever is that?  A perpetual calendar I can personalize with my own photos (which is exactly what I was doing last night)!  Love it, love it, love it.

From Kari:

She knows I love candles!  Who doesn't love candles?  And these are scented with one of my favorites, hazelnut.  I'm a huge fan of hazelnut flavored coffee, creamer, syrup...and now candles.  :)

From Sam's mom:

A little something to greet the visitor's...errr, make that a really big something...a really big lady bug.  Is she not the coolest guest greeter ever?  I've got my very own iron lady much better than an iron butterfly.  ;)

And, last but definitely not least...all I wanted was a zoom lens for my Olympus camera.  That's all I really wanted.  Sammy had something much better in mind...
I got the zoom lens alright, with a brand new Canon attached to it.  This camera is amazing; it does so much!  I have to pack the book with me so I can figure out all the nifty features.  Nifty...nifty...nifty.  I love that word.  And I am so happy with my new zoom lens.  See the words 5.0 and 12x on the lower left of the box?  My Olympus is 4.0 megapixels, with only a 3x zoom.  Oh yeah...we are talking serious zoom on this baby!!!

Best part about all the gifts was the element of surprise!!!!!  I didn't know what anyone planned to give me so it was like finding treasure.  Knowing what you're getting is so boring...I love being surprised, it's so much more fun!

So, now you know why I've been a bit absent...I've been out playing with my new zoom lens.  :)

In the pink...


Okay...Kelly?  Do you still think I am so mean


pixiedustnme said...

YES!!  You are SO mean, and such a tease!  The camera if fabulous!  I've been thinking about splurging and buying myself one with this semester's tuition check.  I figure I won't have to pay for heat for a few months, so my budget should be able to absorb a nice camera for mommy!  :-)

alphawoman1 said...

that is one great camera!!

karebear4x4 said...

Awesome!   gifts and pics!   great photo of the flower   and a better camera does help imaging some:-)~kbear

queenb8261 said...

WOW.  Luuuuckeeeeey (Napoleon Dynamite voice)

gaboatman said...

Happy belated birthday!  All the gifts look great, but boy, that camera!  Looking forward to seeing some great pics!

deveil said...

beautiful picture, I love a new camera, happy late birthday from me!   Hope all your birthday wishes came true.


delela1 said...

Kelly -  :p

Mary - I agree!

Kare -  :)

Barb - LOL!!! Yep!

Sam - Thank you...I've been trying (in vain)  to capture some local Great Blue herons and maybe with this camera I finally will!

Derek - Thank you and I think they did!!!!

libragem007 said...

Hi Dona,
thank you so much for stopping by my journal and for the wonderful comment. I love your pic on your about me section...beautiful!
I haven't read the back it is most likely I missed out that it was your birthday? Well..Happy Belated Birthday Dona. I wish you many more wonderful birthdays to come (and many more wonderful presents in the future too LOL!)
I love surprises and I love hazelnut coffee too LOL!
hmnnnn....looks like I'll be coming back..I promise soon!
journally yours,
Gem :-)

kokoapuffy1 said...

Looks like you have a great birthday! Love the photo's, and kinda jealous about the new camera. lol.

Just stopped in to wish you a wonderful Mother's Day!