Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fine feathered friends

Got just a few minutes to spare today for an entry.  These are busy days; in the past few weeks we've:
  • torn down the lower portion of our 25+ year old deck
  • built the lower portion of the new deck
  • went camping at Winchester Lake with a group of friends
  • been to a couple of bar-be-ques and several dinners out with friends
  • attended two Pampered Chef parties (and somehow I agreed to host one in August!)
  • gone to a demolition derby
  • planted 100 tree seedlings
  • cleaned out and organized the garage (ugh, that was a dirty, nasty job) 

Whew!! I'm tired and it's only June!!!  During all that I've been able to snap a few pics of several different birds, as they just seem to be making themselves known to me, no matter where I go.  Now, if I could just get one awesome pic of that elusive Great Blue Heron!!!  All the following photos are linked to my Flickr photo page; for greater detail click on the photo then click on the 'All Sizes' option located right above the photo.
The pics really aren't all that good and I do need to clean these up a bit, but I really need to get ready for our vacation...more. 
Robin in a peach tree
A robin hanging out on a peach tree in the Christmas tree farm. Robin, back view
Same robin, backside
Family on the lake>

Family swim on Winchester Lake
Making a splash
An eagle or osprey hits the lake for a mid-morning snack.
Break time
Perched atop a pine tree, the raptor takes a rest after a busy morning of fishing. I still think I need a really good zoom lens!
Saturday afternoon visitor.
A kestrel stops by our home for a brief visit.
Kestrel, back.
Kestrel, back view. Taken with digital zoom so it looks really sloppy. :(
Counting down the days until vacation, which got postponed until Tuesday afternoon by a problem at Sam's workplace; at least this time it wasn't my job that interfered with our plans!!!  Had things gone as planned, we'd be in central Idaho right now.  Ah well, life is change.
Speaking of which, if I don't have the time to make another entry before our departure Tuesday afternoon, here's a little something I found quite funny and entertaining. :)  I'm still laughing.  :o

The Evolution of Dance <------click


lsfp1960 said...

Lovely bird pictures.  Even at my old age, I love demolition derby's.  Alas several years ago our beloved local speedway closed down to make room for hundreds of condo's.  When my grandkids were little, the whole family would go to the Friday night races.  Even at age 3 or 4 my grand daughter would stand up and shout "crash, crash, crash!"  Anyway, it sounds like you've been very busy and had a little fun besides.   Linda in Washington state

karebear4x4 said...

the pics look great just as they are!   and you're wearing me out and i just got back from vacation   been resting all week    have fun   cya when you return~kbear

robinngabster said...

You have been a very busy little girl~

queenb8261 said...

Sure have been busy.  Great pics