Wednesday, June 21, 2006

For the love of a child...

Last month I wrote a brief entry about Jackson Baldwin; last week Jackson's parents wrote another entry in their journal...a deeply personal entry about hope, grief, healing, dreams, and community. 

Someone once told me "You can never go home again."  I said bull then, just as I say it now.

Yes, there are beautiful people in this world.  I am awestruck and inspired...again.  Thanks to a couragous young boy...thanks to a father's promise to his grieving young daughter. 

And I feel fortunate to call this community where I live...home.


BTW, I'm home now.  :)  But you've already figured that out, didn't you?

1 comment:

libragem007 said...

welcome back..home.
....and have a wonderful summer.
Gem :-)