Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Sounds of Scotland

We're back from vacation.  Camping was wonderful, except for the mosquitoes, and the Highland Games were fantastic, as always.  Got time to post a quick movie from the Games.  From the opening ceremony on Saturday, an event called Massing of the Pipes and Drums, featuring over a hundred pipes and drums from about twenty bands.  The video is okay...but it can't compare to being there; I had a time holding the camera steady and the wind was blowing.  Watching and listening to all those pipers moving into the area stirs my soul, everytime.  I will never tire of the sound of bag pipes.  Ever.  It's in my blood.



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lsfp1960 said...

Beautiful !!  I could hear the wind....I'm the same as you, when I hear the bagpipes it brings a tear (especially if they play "Amazing Grace").  When my mom and dad were alive, they would go each year to the Highland games here is western Washington.  My dad even had bagpipe music on records (I guess they call them vinyls now).  Thanks for a great  entry..Linda in Washington state    

randlprysock said...

Welcome home from your vacation!!  Are you able to get in my journal since it went private.  Hope so.  If it isn't working just let me know.  Hugs,