Thursday, August 3, 2006

The Magic of a Mountain...retreat

Flashes of time from our recent camping trip.

It's more than just camping.

Seeking a moment's repose.

I had been trying to write a Happiness poem
and unsuccessfully attempting to make Life rhyme
since childhood . . yet had not completed
even the beginning stanza
maybe if I should fly . . . once more
to Colorado, I might try . . oh, not to write it now
but to forget, somehow, the reasons why it could never be

~Linda Goodman, from her book "Gooberz"

I'm a very thirsty bird.
Still playing with the many features of my new Canon and shifting between manual and program functions; I was going for a rugged, outdoor feel with these images. Seems I may have hit it. Now I wish I had changed the settings to capture a sharper, cleaner image. ::::sigh::::

You looking a me?
I'm not overly happy with the quality of this photo--too grainy--but the subtle tilt of his head keeps drawing my soul back to this photo...and the memory of the moment I choose to capture this particular second of life.


dcmeyer420 said...

You always take great pics. The one at the bottom with the hovering hummingbird is the best!

nhd106 said...

Holy Cow...just incredible you are.  These shots are awesome!


grofsand said...

Oh my...The Hummingbird!   While you were trying out your new Canon camera, this bird was up to its old tricks.....The male Hummingbird migrates North, in the early Spring. The male Hummers leave the females behind ..(yes, they have to pack their own stuff and travel alone!).... The male reaches his detination early, to find the most attractive place that a female Hummingbird would you could say, the early Hummer gets the bird!
Whether it be a bird, a cat a dog or a human...the male species is just ...oh so conspicuous by its predesigned role in nature!

Nice job with the guess is, you photographed a male Hummer....stuffing his face at  the drive through!
Peace~~~Marc :)