Sunday, November 5, 2006

And...the curious little cow

Now for a couple of pics of my little Taurus granddaughter dressed up as, what else, a little cow.  While I had no influence on her costume this year, I was smiling inside and out from the moment I saw her.  I just loved this costume, even though Amy said all the other girls at the day care were dressed as princesses and such.  In my mind, this costume is perfect and there will be plenty of time for dressing up as a little princess in the coming years.

Chatting with her grampy Sam. You can just barely make out the little bovine horns and ears on top of her hoodie.  :)

 Sorry, photo removed by blog author.

Ah-ha! I spy a kitty under the table.

Sorry, photo removed by blog author.

No frontal pics of the baby.  I hesitate to post pictures of children to the internet, and do so only after asking for and receiving permission from the parents.  After a few days, I'll delete the pics, for safety's sake.

Sam and I spent this weekend working in the tree farm, mostly.  He was on call and had to go to the office each morning, but when he returned we immediately began working outside.  The air is cool, and I always dress warmly, in layers.  But within a matter of minutes, I'm wishing I hadn't added so many layers as I feel a little overheated.

We cleared the vegetable garden and that was a nasty mess.  There were cherry tomatoes everywhere, but Rum and Allie took on the task eating those on the ground.  They love tomatoes...heck they eat just about everything.  After clearing the garden we drove out to the metal recycling center to turn in our aluminum cans ($24 worth), and then to the city dump to take cardboard boxes and other items to their recycling bins.  Took my camera with me and got a couple of interesting shots on the way.  I've learned a technique using Paint Shop Pro which allows me to make my color photos look like something Ansel Adams might have taken.  Well, just a little bit, maybe.

Looking down river


Today we cut down all the diseased and dead trees much to my relief.  During that time I spotted three trees tagged by our customers.  Yes, the season is under way.



libragem007 said...'l cow lol....that IS soo cute outfit!
I do understand about posting kids pics...I have three and have posted their pics up evey now and then..but I don't keep it on there..I take the kids pics off my entries after a few days.  

Take care,
Gem :-)

karebear4x4 said...

I love the lil cow   she's just adorable!   i love the other photos as well  great job my friend:-)~kbear

redpoppy007 said...

I love the cow costume.

queenb8261 said...

Great photos. Moo-Booo.
Have a good week.