Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Petals in the wind...

Great art picks up where nature ends.

~Marc Chagall

Subdued in spring...

It was 20 degrees yesterday morning when I left for work.  B-r-r-r.  Last night all the kids arrived at the door with bright rosy cheeks from the cold night air.  Dilynn was a little cow, LOL!  She was soooo cute.  We had a cheer leader, dalmation, pumpkin, hippie, princess, and two ghouls.

Had a Christmas tree shopper wandering the farm yesterday when I came home from work; last year customers started tagging trees the day after Halloween.  The season is already starting.  

I came across the above photo last night while waiting for trick or treaters.  It was taken with my Ricoh 35mm SLR.  I sure miss that camera.

It's funny how answers to questions are often presented when we least expect it.  Been searching for a solution to an interpersonal work related problem.  How to deal with a super ego who destroys what he can't create. 

The ultimate choice man makes is to either create or love or to hate.

   ~Erich Fromm

Break it down.  It's that simple.


queenb8261 said...

Very pretty photo.  Christmas tree shopping already. Wow.  We didn't have too many trick or treaters so they all got quite a haul from our house. LOL
Have a Happy Thursday.

nhd106 said...

Nice, crisp petals.
Good luck with the superegomaniac...


stupidsheetguy said...

Sounds like maybe you put that problem to rest.

Great photo, as always.


lsfp1960 said...

Beautiful picture.  It was cold here in Washington too. It has warmed up a bit since the first of the week... Today it's 42 degrees with rain.   Linda in Washington state

boiseladie said...

Love the photo!  Glad you found it to share with us.  
And, it's been freezing here too!  Today warmed up some, we have rain tonight.  Sure got cold quick, seems like it was warm, in the 60's, then over night, it turned below freezing.  I think it was only in the 30's during last night's BSU game.  Brrr is right!  ;)

libragem007 said...

love the seems I could feel the cold air just by looking at it :-)
glad you found your solution..yes, answers have a funny way of finding us when we least expects it.
Gem :-)