Friday, November 17, 2006

Sammy, Sammy, Sammy...

Will he ever learn?

He's been on vacation this week, I've been working (due to the audit).  Monday I ask him if a trip to the cabin this weekend is on the agenda.  This is the last weekend we can go, as the Christmas tree farm will keep our weekends busy through the holidays.  The hubster won't commit and just shrugs his shoulders; it's a game of his...keep Dona guessing until the last minute.   Over the years I've learned so I keep this thought in the back of my mind for future reference.

Last night he asks me if we can go to the cabin this weekend.  Since Monday he's learned the audit isn't going well; he knows I'm swamped and this is just my slammin' time of year...lots of work, little fun.  In the hopes of swaying my mind he tells me our friends, F & B, are going up to their cabin (which we share a common property corner with).  We haven't seen much of our friends as they are in the throes of a major home redo (new flooring, paint, furniture) and we all know how time consuming home improvement jobs are.  Anyway, I say yes, I need a cabin break but I'll have to take my laptop and some work with me so I'll need to run the generator (our only source of power...did I mention the cabin is in a very remote location).  We are set.

So, a few minutes ago my friend B calls me to see if we'd like to go out for dinner tonight.

At the cabin? I ask.

Silence followed by her puzzled voice.  No...are you going to the cabin?

Cut to the chase...she knows nothing about a trip to the cabin this weekend.  F didn't say anything to her.

Re-e-e-e-ally.  How interesting.  Sam told me you two were heading up.

We break communication to respectively call our husbands, and she promises to call me back.

Sam answers the phone with a very chipper voice for someone who's in the process of paying bills and has no idea I have called to collect on another obligation.  He, upon hearing the news that 1) B called me to ask about going out to dinner tonight and 2) going to the cabin this weekend was not in their plans, ends the call speaking in a very sheepish voice tinted with the hushed tones of "I am so busted!"  From chipper to sheepish in less than 20 seconds...and who said I can't speak to the animals?

B calls back.  No plans for the cabin as they will be busy tearing out their old carpet because the carpet installer will be visiting their home bright and early Monday morning.

I'm am so not letting him forget this. 


karebear4x4 said...

LOL   luv it!   God you can so tickle me sometimes with your stories~kbear

ajquinn354 said...

Boy life with our guys can keep us guessing from minute to minute doesn't it. Know what you've gone thru, happens to all of us.  LOL.....Arlene (AJ)

boiseladie said...

uh-oh...  someone's in trouble!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.