Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tag - Peace...I'm Out


Yes, time for a little music and since George is playing on the tv, I'm inspired to add one of my favorite songs by him to this entry. So here's to a guy who looks great in a pair of Wrangler's (aside from my hubby Sam, of course).


Tag Offer - Peace...I'm Out

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Tonight I've got a fun little tag featuring the art of Popeye Wong and a cute little sixies sweetie. If you'd like a tag of your own, just put your request in a comment below and I'll get your tag to ya within three days of your request.

Oh, and I almost forgot! BTW, the cute little dolls like the one below are snaggable. Thank you Barb for reminding me.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tag Offer - Improved :)

 Sorry...offer closed.

So I was playing around with my rose tag I offered a couple of entries back, trying to figure out how to animate the reflected image so it looks like water ripples.  Couldn't figure it out then, but I did tonight. Better late than never, eh? I tried and tried Sunday night but just couldn't get it to work, so I posted it as is. Tonight I was messing around and voila! :::smacks forehead:::: I figured it out. Wish I coulda remembered that on Sunday. If timing is everything, mine is running really slow.

So anywho, if you'd like one of these tags featuring the photography of Rainbow Coffi, please leave your request in a comment below.

We're watching ABC's Just For Laughs. Have been for the past month and so far every week this show had Sam and I in side-spliting laughter! Tonight it's not as funny so far, but some of the pranks in past weeks were absolutely hilarious!!! It's on Tuesday nights at 8:00 and 8:30.



Who Wants One #8 - Best friends

Tag Offer!!!

Closes Monday, August 27th. If you'd like me to create the tag below for you, please leave your request in a comment below.

Got a few tags made yesterday, so I'll be posting them here over the next few days. I'm smiling because I just visited Donna at This, That & Hockey and she created a tag with the same tube the other day, lol! We seem to be connecting on a creative level in many ways, as we have aquired many of the same tubes and scrap kits, yet our tags are always very different and unique. Gotta love the freedom of creativity!!!


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Monday, August 20, 2007

Another getaway gone




Camping was great! The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cool, and with the exception of smoke from nearby wildfires the sky was a cloudless palette of blue. The company was warm, the food was yummy, and our time always...too short. We made the most of it since it's prolly the last camping trip of the year. Saw lots of wildlife this trip, on the drive up Wednesday night we saw four moose; three cows and one calf. It got a bit tense tho, because the first cow dashed out right in front of us (no fun at any time, but especially when pulling a 15,000 pound 27' foot travel trailer). The cow ran across the road and disappeared into the trees but her calf got confused, turned right and started running down the middle of the road in front of us. At first we thought for sure the baby would run to the side and get off the road, but it stayed on the road. We would stop so the calf would stop too and then just stand there. So, we'd start again slowly, hoping the baby would move to the side of the road; nope, the calf started running again. This went on for about a half a mile, I was becoming rapidly distressed at the thought the baby would never find it's mother...but what could we do? The mother, however, must have been running alongside the road in the trees because the baby suddenly turned to it's left and ran into the woods.  Yay!!!!  Whew, that was close.  This happened again a few miles down the road when a different moose ran out infront of us and we thought for sure we'd spend the night following her forever, but finally she turned from the pavement and ran into the woods. One thing is for certain, moose are huge animals!


  This weekend it's Hot August Nights, the 26th annual end of summer event marked by a classic cars Show and Shine, and classic rock concerts. Friday night it's Gregg Rolie, founding member and lead vocalist of Santana and Journey, followed by Richard Marx. Saturday night belongs entirely to Eric Burdon and the Animals. We're going for sure on Saturday night, haven't decided about Friday night. I always look forward to these concerts; the music rocks and the party is the best.

WWO #7 I'm offering another tag featuring the art of Rainbow Coffi. Offer is open until next Sunday, August 26. If you like and want one of your own, please place your request in a comment below and I'll get your tag to you soon.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

I feel a tropical breeze...

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WWO #6

Feeling a little tropical today. Never been to Hawaii, but I would love to travel there someday. And so it is my dreams of the islands were I found inspiration for todays tag offer, featuring the work of Michael Landefeld. He's an Adult Content artist so I won't link to his website as I know many of you have children who may be present in the room if you click. :) To request this tag, all you need to do is:

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    Sammy's getting restless and wants to do something today, so this will be another short one.

    Saturday, August 11, 2007

    My Life As A Domestic Goddess/Diva

    Good morning everyone!

    Got a brief minute for a quick entry before I get started on my Saturday shuffle (read as Honey Do). Sam's already outside hitting his list, so I better get started on mine. We're going camping with friends on Wednesday night and I need to sew a canvas carrying bag for a folding table we bought last year. I purchased the material and supplies back then, so I better get this done, soon, lol!

    WWO #6

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    Thursday, August 9, 2007

    More trip pics :)




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      WWO #5

    I've been a busy lil bee <grin> so I thought, what the hey! I've got an idea for another tag.  This one features the lovely fairy artwork of Renee Biertempfel, one of my faves. And here's the rules:

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    The pics above were all taken in Montana. You can click on any of the pics to enlarge the photo. :) It was so hazy the day we went to Glacier National Park and my pics just aren't very crisp.  But there were waterfalls, everywhere; I've never seen so many concentrated in one area.  Some were close, some miles away, some flowed along the valley, some next to and beneath the Going to the Sun Road, and some just seemed to come from nowhere out of the mountain face. Amazing beauty everywhere.


    More to come...oh, I have lots!! But I'll not bore you with all of them, lol, it would take forever to upload.




    Wednesday, August 8, 2007

    Big Skies...Wild Breezes

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     WWO #4

    Inspired by our recent journey to Big Sky country (and a very easy tutorial), I created this fun and sassy siggy tag to satisfy the cowgirl in me...or you. It features the artwork of the one and only Popeye Wong. If you'd like to request one of these tags, please remember:

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    There's just something about's not the beautiful open skyscape or the endless pastoral landscape that goes on and on forever. I think it's the people and the way they re-define the words customer service.

    I'll explain.

    The day before our vacation began, the power windows in our Dodge quit. The warranty period is over and only two loan payments remain on the truck so naturally this is bound to happen. Sam calls our local Dodge dealer Friday afternoon, they hem and haw and tell him the earliest they can have a looksee at the truck is Tuesday; no good since we'll be in Montana by then.

    Saturday morning we hit the road, with our sights on Missoula, and Sam jokingly observes we may end up with a new truck by day's end (he's not happy with his at the moment). Sam has family in Missoula...a couple of cousins...who are expecting us and time with them is always a parh-tay! They have three Harleys (Road Kings...sweeeeet!) and a honey of a Mustang in their garage. One cousin works inthe automotive industry and upon hearing of our troubles makes a quick call to his buddy at the local Dodge dealer, who explains service isn't open on Saturday, and they are booked solid on Monday but if we bring the truck in first thing he'll see what can be done.  Long story short, Sam heads to the Dodge business before 8 a.m., and by 11:30 the truck is back with windows working perfectly. And our local Dodge dealer just lost two very loyal customers.

    Valley carved by glaciers. View from Going to the Sun Road.

    We spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Glacier National Park (beautiful!) and Tuesday night a nasty storm hit the area. It was so bad the Weather Service issued tornado warnings. The skies opened up, rain and hail poured down, thunder and lightening kept us up, and one family decided in the middle of the storm that it was a good time to pack everything up on hit the the middle of the night. When we went to bed this family was scrambling around their campsite getting their trailer loaded and hitched...they were gone by midnight. Don't know where they thought they were going since the only road from the park headed right into the storm.

    Going to The Sun Road

    This sweet little baby mountain goat doesn't like being on this on this metal trail.

    Glacier is site of the famous Going to the Sun Road, and man what a drive that was!!! If you go to any National Park in the future, make it Glacier and travel this road. It was amazing! Unfortunately, nearby wildfires made for very hazy photos (insert frowney face here) but nontheless the scenery was spectacular. Glacier is filled with waterfalls, around every corner water cascades down the mountains in the distance, and even alongside, and then under the Road.  TIP: Take a bottle of hand sanitizer with you if you travel on Going to the Sun Road as not all the rest rooms were equiped with hand soap.

    On the lookout...could it be another spy? <grin>

    Sunset on Lake Pend Oreille

    Our campsite neighbors.

    Thursday and Friday we stayed at Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho at the Beyond Hope RV Resort, located on a game preserve and there were deer...everywhere. Sam and I took a little nap in our lawn chairs outside our trailer Friday afternoon and we woke to find two bucks and a doe casually grazing less than three feet away from us. I didn't dare more so as not to spook them, but I soooo wanted to get up and grab my camera. Some didn't look healthy at all which may be due in large part to their grass only diet, which has little nutritional value for deer. They require bushy vegetation and moss, which wasn't readily available in the area. But I was fortunate to capture some of my favorite photos during our stay there.  This was my first visit to the Lake and it provided many beautiful opportunities for some spectacular photos.

    Buck in velvet. When I framed this shot, he was looking straight ahead; snap, he's moved.I'm not happy with how I framed this (cutting off his rump) but I was focusing on his antler's and getting close enough to pick up the velvet texture.

    Pend Oreille wetlands north of East Hope, Idaho.

    That's all for now. It's late...more later.

    Friday, August 3, 2007

    WWO #3

    Sorry...offer closed.

    Hello my friends!

    I know I've been very quiet lately...I'm okay, just been busy traveling, working and thinking...been doing a lot of thinking.

    Thank you, everyone, for all your heartfelt words, thoughts, and most of all, friendship. The support I received...and continue to receive...from this community is deeply appreciated; your words and thoughts helped me through a very sad and difficult time.  No words can express the depth of my gratitude and respect I have for each and every one of you.  Again, thank you. 

    Right now I've just got time for a quick entry for a tag offer.  This time I'm offering a beautiful winged tiger from the art of Abranda Sisson. The rules are simple:

      *Name change only.
      *Enter your request as a comment and provide your e-mail addy if you're not on AOL.
      *Tags will be e-mailed as soon as reasonably possible...three days from the day you submit your request being a reasonable time.  If I encounter some unforeseeable delay, an entry to this journal will be posted to advise you of the status.  :)

    Happy Friday everyone, and thank you for looking!!!


    P. S. Congratulations to CS for passing that exam. ^5 (high five)  :)