Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The chill of an early fall

Tag offer #20 - Give thanks

Last year at the county fair I took a few pics of the exhibits, and I just found the perfect use for the pumpkins picture. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.

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  • Oh, I almost forgot!!! Last night I was chatting with my friend Barb and I learned that three foals are due in 2008!!! :) I knew Coalette is pregnant, but didn't know that Martina is as well. And, lately we've noticed that Elvira is getting very barrel-bellied. One might think she's just getting fat, but that's not likely. El is the newest, and lowest member of the herd so she doesn't get first pickings at feeding time. Horses have a pecking order, and Ember's at the top in this herd, with El and baby Tia at the bottom. Many times I've watched Ember and Susanna chase Elvira away from her hay pile. That's just the way horses are and always have been. So, the fact that El is getting fatter could mean she's in foal, which is very exciting because Mirzay is the sire. Since both El and Mirzay are both black, it will be very interesting to see what color the foal turns out to be. :)

    Of course fortune has its part in human affairs, but conduct is really much more important.
    ~Jeanne Detourbey


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