Saturday, December 1, 2007

Baby it's cold outside

Tag offer #23 - Snow window (below)'s getting cold!!! It snowed all day today and this put many people into the spirit of Christmas tree shopping. And so the weather brings me to the perfect tag to put on offer on this first day of December.  :)  No doubt by now you know the rules, but just in case you don't:

  • Name requests can be placed in a comment below 
  • Name change only
  • Offer expires Friday, December 7 at 9 p.m.
  • Business was booming at the tree farm today. Thought I could get some of my Christmas cards made in between customers but we had so many I only finished one card. Took my Jeep down for a new set of tires first thing this morning. After six years and 30,000 miles the factory installed tires were worn and ready to be replaced.



    bridgetteleigh75 said...

    Love this!  May I have it with Bridgett and Janya, please?  Thanks so much!


    gaboatman said...

    Well, with all that snow, I'm glad you replaced the original tires.  You guys are having a busy season at the tree farm?  That's great news in spite of what the national media wants us to believe about the current economy.  Your snow window is a really cool effect.   You do such good work!  Happy holidays to you and Sam!

    queenb8261 said...

    Very wintry. Kind of like we were over Thanksgiving. Pretty tag.

    nightmaremom said...

    very nice tag....  love that you used your picture....
    glad all is going well

    stupidsheetguy said...

    Hello there! Long Time No See, as they say.

    I love that window tag, beautiful work, as always. I'm going to start getting caught up with your journal. It's been TOO long. Hope you are well!


    acoward15 said...

    I wouldn't mind a bit of snow. It would make a change from all the rain we keep having.

    stupidsheetguy said...

    LOL, I had to come back and see that tag again

    randlprysock said...

    Love this tag at the bottom!!!  So cute!!!  Snagging if you don't mind.