Friday, August 15, 2008

Need for Speed Against Domestic Violence

Something worth while....

The company I now work for, Public Consulting Group, has a relay team involved in this.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 guessed it...more horsey stuff

Meet Monte, born 7/16/08.

Cute lil fellow he is. And what about that background...isn't it gorgegous? Monte is one of the foals born to my farmer friends who raise Morgans, wheat and hay. Who wouldn't want to wake up the this sight everyday?


Last weekend we brought my friend Barb's mare, Elvira, down from the farm so she could be closer (the farm is an hour away). A couple of days later, we turned Duke and Elvira out in the large outdoor arena so we could clean their stalls and corrals. The two bonded immediately, and are now fast friends.

Rock 'N Rollin'

Duke gettin' down and dirty.

More horseplay...

Still shots from a very long video of Duke and El playing.

Sharing a quiet moment after one of our daily rides. My hair's a mess and I've no makeup on...but Duke, he don't care.