Thursday, October 8, 2009

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...

My dad would always ask me if I had whenever he hadn't heard from me in awhile, cos he was certain I had fallen off.

Truth is I returned home from the Parelli Celebration completely and totally inspired. The Celebration was excellent, it exceeded my expectations. We laughed...we cried...and Sam really enjoyed himself. He went back to work and when asked about it, Sam summed it up by saying "Anyone who is thinking of having children should attend a Parelli event and learn about the program. It's not just about horses."

I whole-heartedly agree. Parelli = love, language and equal doses.

Duke and I have been playing and working on passing our Level 1 skill tests. Our relationship is evolving every day and Duke is slowly revealing himself to me. That's one thing I've learned in recent months...when it comes to Duke I have to take things real slow.

More later...I promise. With videos of us playing.

Keep it natural!

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