Saturday, July 24, 2010

Moving closer....

What a view!

Wow!  Double wow!

Best trail ride ever today! Duke blew my socks off today during an early morning trail ride at Hell's Gate State Park. The partnership is really blooming and the bond is deepening. I rode him on a loose rein for one and half hours. He listened, didn't fight, just stayed relaxed. Every trail ride up to this point he always had to be in front, the leader. I learned right off the ineffectiveness of holding him back. But then I discovered a technique called quartering. I tried it earlier this year during the Poker Run and it worked. We start with it right off the bat...within a few minutes Duke is calm, not fighting the bit and rushing to be in the lead. Today, for the first time, Duke and I spent the entire ride following our friends. It was so wonderful, for a change. Yes!

Just a nice, relaxing ride. Woo-hoo!!!

Thank you Parelli!!!!

I'm starting to get the hang of this. Finally!

Debbie and Ritz taking a break with the Snake River and the city of Asotin in the background.
Doc and Danel taking a break.

After the ride with Duke at the trailer.

Maybe I'll submit a little piece of our day to Life In A Day. Have you submitted something yet?