Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 Day PNH Blog Challenge - Day 1

Found this today over at Brooke's blog Our Horsemanship Journey. Okay I'm up for a challenge.


Day 1-How did you find PNH?

It was a change from cable tv to satellite that led me to PNH. In August 2007 I had just reconnected with horses through some friends who raise Morgans; it had been 24 years since I'd last been around these beautiful creatures. Around that time, one Sunday morning Sam and I encountered a new station called RFD-TV and on that station a show called Parelli Natural Horsemanship was on. Here was this cowboy wearing short chaps (chinks I later learned) playing with a beautiful black Friesian gelding...and I was hooked. It was immediate affinity. Everything this guy did made sense to me and I felt I was watching not only a cowboy, but a master horseman. I wanted to learn more and turned to the internet to find out who this Parelli guy was (wasn't there a tire company by that name?). One thing led to another and while I had always dreamed of having a horse someday, finding PNH was the first step toward that dream.


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